Kadaga: Not All MPs Will Debate Marriage And Divorce Bill

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga
Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has asked the opposition and NRM whips in parliament to agree on which members will contribute the Marriage and Divorce Bill debate.

In a communication from her office, Kadaga says not all the MPS will be allowed to report back to the House after consulting their constituents. She says the party whips should make a list of MPS to contribute to the debate once they report back to the house.

Opposition Chief Whip, Winnie Kiiza believes the Speaker’s directive would have been easier to implement if the debate was on a less controversial matter.

Winnie Kiiza, also the Kasese Woman MP, says all members on the opposition side would like to air the opinions from the constituents they consulted during the short recess

She says some members from her side are also asking for more time to further consult on some of the controversial clauses in the Bill.

The NRM whip, Justine Kasule Lumumba could not be reached for comment about arrangements on how the ruling NRM are to debate the BIll.

Kasule Lumumba and Winnie Kiiza are supposed to brief the Speaker of Parliament today about how to proceed on the Bill.

Deputy Attorney General, Freddy Ruhindi on Tuesday said he needed to consult with cabinet on the Bill before debate resumes in Parliament. The 13th cabinet sitting which was to take place on Wednesday was expected to among other issues discuss the Marriage and Divorce Bill.

The Cabinet meeting was rescheduled to Friday where the Marriage and Divorce Bill together with Public Order Management bills are likely to be discussed.

Meanwhile the Marriage and Divorce Bill still features on the Parliament Order as Business to be discussed during this period.  The Bill can be removed from Parliamentary business once the government side which originated decides to withdraw it from Parliament.

MPS from both the Opposition and ruling NRM have indicated they would support the withdrawal of the Bill from Parliament as demanded by the constituents in the just concluded consultations.

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