Jose Chameleone Pimps Mansion

Ugandan artist Jose Chameleone is renovating his Seguku Mansion. The 4 bed-roomed mansion basking on the prime Seguku hill off Entebbe road, is receiving fresh works of a new complete make over ranging from the walls, floors, to the colors and roofs.

Renovation kicked off about 2 months back ad-mist conspiracy theories filtering in to explain the reasons behind this project.
Valued at Ug shs. 400m in 2004, Chameleon reportedly says the 9 year old mansion is worth Ug shs.1 billion.
Some claim, after the unfortunate  26th December boxing day incident in which one Karamagi, under mysterious circumstances blazed off the earth in the wee hours of the night in his mansion compound, Chameleone has been a haunted man with a disturbed conscience thus giving the place a new look would evade the disturbing memories which are said to flood is mind whenever he steps into his compound. And others say he is being chased by loan sharks.
However, Chameleone dismisses the claims saying the prestigious asset belongs his wife, Danielle Atim and his kids therefore he has no right to sell the property.

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