Ivan Thumps Zari Again

Reports from South Africa indicate that celebrity couple of Ivan Ssemwanga and Zari Hassan was involved in yet another scuffle a few days back in their South African residence.

Sources indicate that the fight broke out when Zari who had quit Ivan’s pad returned unannounced when angry. Ivan started questioning  where she had been including calling her a whore again. Zari snapped telling him off that she is the reason why he even has a name.

“She shouted at him that he was a villager when they met and she has transformed him an so he should be great full. She also said that he can’t even address a board of directors of Brooklyn College, a source added.

These words infuriated Ivan and the pair was only separated by the onlookers before the socialite fled again.

7 thoughts on “Ivan Thumps Zari Again

  1. Zari run for dear life,that gu man is too insecure…..there is no marriage to save there….if a man beats you once,chances are slim that he will ever stop.When your man is a problem, let him go

    1. Zari leave this man, how can you call mother of your kids a whore. He is useless insecure. One day he will kill you like he warned you before.

  2. so tired of these 2 and their drama. they only want to appear in the media and nothing more

  3. Being a mother of children and being a whore shouldn’t stop the man calling a spade a spade.Firstly Zari is what she is because of the man! African women are suckers and lazy who want free things and even money to ………. She should learn to respect herself if she thinks she deserves it ,showing her thighs and candid positions with other men just tells one what sort of woman she is.

  4. I wl help u 2 address a board of directors on Brooklyn college.Ivan stop begging ha,there many beautiful ladies outside there,well behaved en cultured.

  5. Zari ka point 5 gwe get a lyf and let Ivan be, U shud cncentrate n prostitution cz dats wat yu do best

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