Isabirye’s UK ‘Wife’ Spills His Sex Secrets

Super FM’s general Manager’s introduction to singer Rabbecca Jingo.last Thursday seems not to have impressed a section of people.

We can reliably revel that his ex-lover Riyah Kagwa has opened a can of worms spilling his sex secrets In a detailed Email,Ritah says that Isabirye abandoned her and his kid revealed that he should be ashamed of what he is doing.

Her e-mail reads;”How can you introduce a woman every year, leave them with kids unsupported and hire a chopper for a queen dancer’ to make headlines while you stay in Kazigo in Najjera.Who are you trying to impress? No wonder none of his family members appeared and he had to carry artistes’ coz they can’t live without his work.”

“His mama is bedridden in Iganga and he is busy proving a point mbu kwanjula.He has dated and dumped women like Sharon Nagadya whom she left with 4 year son.Agnes Kasule have his twins in Toronto, Anet in Czech Republic has a kid as well”. Said Ritah.

She also said, “He was also married to Grace Naisamora with no kids though. I have his son whom he abandoned too. Shockingly, he has introduced all of them before.

15 thoughts on “Isabirye’s UK ‘Wife’ Spills His Sex Secrets

  1. Oh dear! Such men need castrating, wabula abakazi twagala okweraga kati Rebecca ayina kyiki abalala kyebatayina, hmmmmmm

    1. Interestingly all that is true,but what were u thinking? What goes around comes around.Don’t even call your self his wife.The only wedded wife amongest all of you fools is Grace and she is silent.Stop looking for sympathy, you r just one big fool and looser,just look after that bastard(little Boy)

  2. Didnt you know he had introduced other women before you introduced him?? what did you expect? if you thought you would be the tigress to tame him , there you go… But dont worry Jingo will be like you soon… Dude you know the game

  3. Ritah stop sulking and move on. if he dumped you, no need for the negative talk about him. whether he dumped you or not he is still the father of your son. so let Rebecca Jingo enjoy her term in office as a wife!!

    1. Rose you sound like a desparate whore, can you let Rita be? And focus on yo low life

      1. Monica so u know, there is no man with one woman. whether u call me a whore or not!! and FYI, a whore identifies a fellow whore!! i insist let Rebecca Jingo enjoy her time with her hubby as it lasts. monica the loser!!

  4. Thats wat you have searched from all men,but now wat do you want.
    don’t spoil others relationship

  5. Joel & Rebecca , mwesonyiwe ebigambo all will go on smoothly despite a few hurdles here and there . Wshg u the best in all yo endeavours .

  6. I saw Rebecca acting weird wen her bridal face waz reading stress stress stress aaah nedda

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