Goodlyfe to Perform At Rugby Finals

The organizers of the Nile Special Super 8 Rugby League have confirmed that Goodlyfe duo Radio & Weasel, who just returned from a World tour, will perform with former Blu 3 singer Jackie Chandiru during the Super 8 final.

GoodLyfe singers Weasel and Moze Radio
GoodLyfe singers Weasel and Moze Radio

The singers recently released a new single, “fitting,” featuring sexy Desire Luzinda, and will launch new album “Obudde” later this year on May 10 at Hotel Africana.

The trio who recorded the chart buster ‘Where You Are’ a few years back will appear in their first Rugby league final performance.

Coach/player Robert Seguya’s Toyota Marsh Buffaloes, who will face 10-time league, champions MTN Heathens at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds on Saturday, 10 April.

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