FDC Corners Museveni Over Election Cash

FDC Spokesman Wafula Oguttu
FDC Spokesman Wafula Oguttu

Opposition party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) on Monday 8th April asked the government to open inquiries into the sources of campaign finance for President Museveni’s 2011 re-election. FDC  spokesman Wafula Oguttu told journalists at the party’s headquarters in Najjanankumbi that questions surrounding how the ruling party paid its expenses call for an investigation.

Mr Oguttu suggested that the contemplated line of inquiries into campaign finance could also look at recent allegations that an oil company considered making an undocumented payment to Mr Museveni.

The President and government officials have strongly denied all allegations of inappropriate conduct. The President has also retained legal counsel to represent him in the matter in which Tullow Oil’s name has come up. Mr Ofwono Opondo, the NRM deputy spokesperson, had earlier told our reporter that his party “did not get any funds from oil firms” and challenged the opposition to file a suit over NRM’s failure to submit audited accounts. “We are not supposed to file [accounts] to FDC,”Mr Opondo said.

After the 2001 elections in March, it was reported that President Museveni had spent Shs25 billion on his re-election. However, the President was uncomfortable with complaints from some of his supporters’ claim that they did not have money to run the operations and reports that some individuals on the National Task Force had used the money for their personal work.

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  1. Where did Museveni get the Election Cash which was flying in the Country like the June Clouds in the Sky.

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