DP Woes Move To Bukomansimbi as Party Chairman Refuses to Resign

Hon Deogratious Kiyingi Defending Himself
Hon Deogratious Kiyingi Defending Himself

Deogratius Kiyingi, the Bukomansimbi MP and district DP chairperson has refused to bow down to pressure to resign his seat. On Friday, DP officials in Bukomansimbi district convened a meeting at Diz Hotel, in which they asked Kiyingi to resign for alleged incompetence and his links with the ruling NRM party.  They also accused the MP of his failure to return the 5 million shillings he received from government for the Marriage and Divorce bill consultations and failure to convene party meetings over the last two years.

John Bosco Magala, one of the DP leaders asked Kiyingi to resign or risk being forced out for his alleged failure to perform his duties. Magala accused Kiyingi of closing DP offices in Bukomansimbi, which forced Richard Ssekamwa, the DP Bukomansimbi general Secretary and Muweesi Ntensibe to resign. According to Magala, the two officials later defected to NRM accusing Kiyingi of blacklisting them for refusing to back him during the general election. He says the resignation of the two party officials has split the party members. Richard Nkonge, another DP official says he is in support of Kiyingi’s resignation because of his refusal to work with the woman MP Susan Namaganda.

He says that since they were elected into office, the two MPs have failed to work together and formed parallel factions. Nkonge explains that their efforts to reconcile the two legislators suffered a setback after Kiyingi refused to attend any meeting. Tom Tamale, a DP supporter says that he is disappointed that Kiyingi has failed to honor his pledge to consult his voters through the party leadership. He claims that as an MP, Kiyingi has never returned to the grassroots to consult on any matter before parliament. Tamale says that they are surprised that Kiyingi does not consult them, but he meets NRM leaders.

He claims that when the MPs bought coffee seedlings for farmers, they were only distributed to NRM supporters leaving DP supporters frustrated. But Kiyingi will not have any of this. Kiyingi says that he will not resign his position adding that, he canonly apologize for failing to convene meetings because he has been very busy since he was elected into office. He also says that he has been avoiding the constituency because of being broke. According to Kiyingi, every time he goes to check on his electorate they demand for money, which he doesn’t have.

Kiyingi explains that they were forced to close DP offices in Bukomansimbi because of financial difficulties. He says despite the fact that offices belonged to the party, none of the party members was contributing towards the rental fees.

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