Security Agencies On High Alert At Kenya-Uganda Border

Scenes like these marred the aftermath of the 2007 General elections
Scenes like these marred the aftermath of the 2007 General elections

Security Agencies have been placed on high alert in the East to avert any possible violence that may spill over into Uganda as Kenyans vote on March 4, 2013.

Thousands of people living along the Uganda-Kenya border are living in state of fear that the Kenya polls may turn to be violent as they did in 2007.

Sharif Mohamed 46, a Somali trader, tells Uganda Radio Network in Moroto that most business community has been hoarding merchandise. He explains that in Lodwar town, located 150 kilometres from Moroto the business people were already worried. He adds that some foodstuff prices have shot up as a result. He notes that he will resume his business after the general elections.

Paul Lokut, a businessman in Moroto, says Karamoja may not be affected with violence. He explains that most communities bordering the sub region are the Turkana pastoralists who are not interested in the elections. He says their only concern is their animals around which their livelihoods rotate. He appeals to Kenyans to vote wisely and later accept the outcome.

Capt. Deo Akiiki, the UPDF 3rd Division spokesperson, says the army will maintain its position along the Kenya-Uganda border. He explains that the troops are able to avert any confusion along the border that may put lives of Ugandans at stake. He says the army so far has no reason to call for fresh deployments at the border.

On Monday, leaflets were scattered in Nyanza province warning the Luhya community that their land would be repossessed if current Prime Minister Raila Odinga won the presidential race. Odinga comes from the Luo community which dominates Nyanza.

In Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city, residents last week reported seeing leaflets warning minority Kisii and Kalenjin people to leave the area.

Kenyan police said they were investigating the various threats and two men had been charged in court over the distribution of leaflets in the coastal region.

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