Security On Alert As Suspected Rebels Attack Entebbe Police

Security agencies have been put on alert following an attack by suspected rebels on Kitala Police post 32Km off the Kampala-Entebbe highway in Entebbe. The assailants reportedly made off with a gun and rounds of ammunition.

The Police post where the gun went missing is in the not very far from State House, Entebbe.

Police is probing the incident and as you read this, five cops have been detained to help with investigations into the matter according to Edgar Nyabongo, the Entebbe Police District Police Commander (DPC). He also added that detectives have found clues of the missing weapon.

Nyabongo says that a gun was missing in the armory at Mpala Police post so they arrested five police officers to help in investigations into the rare incident. He however fell short of revealing the identities of the arrested cops saying it would fail the whole process.

Initial reports pointed to the fact that the Police Station had been attacked by unknown goons who disarmed a police officer on duty before fleeing.

However Nyabongo dismissed these reports as false saying the arrests of the police officers was made in broad day light.

This is the latest in a spate of criminal activities. In the last two weeks, masked gun men raided the Mbuya military barracks but were repulsed by the army who killed one of the gunmen and arrested a one Captain Omoro who was their commander. Last weekend, a Uganda People’s Defence Forces soldier shot dead 10 people.

The military however maintains that these were mere “thugs” who tried to wrestle a gun from the guard thus sparking a gun battle that lasted a few minutes.

Also, Derek Coggon, the proprietor of 4-Turkeys Bar was on Saturday night was shot dead at his residence in the township.

These incidents that have been linked to suspected rebels have put security agencies on alert



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  1. What I hate most is any thing to do with the misuse of a gun. All those planning rebellion should give the country a break. If you are dissatisfied with leadership, stand for election and if you are defeated, concead. Nobody is mandated to lead the country. It is the citizens who give the mandate. If all of us could keep the biblical law not allowing any body to take another’s life.

  2. jonathan stop your wolokoso museveni has no money to pay to like as you ,he is bussy widing up he knows he made the brander.

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