RVR set to Invest 10bn in Uganda Railway

Rift Valley railways has invested in  a $4 million (Shs10.4 billon) SAP management system— an integrated enterprise resource planner in which someone can effectively manage finances, materials, manufacturing and machines— has been commissioned by Rift Valley Railways (RVR) the consortium that manages the Uganda-Kenya railway.

While launching the management tool, RVR CEO, Mr Darlan David, insisted the installation of SAP is one of the projects being  undertaken by the company with the aim of improving deliveries to both its external and internal customers. “To RVR, this is a powerful tool which integrates multiple business processes and functions into a comprehensive system which will omit the risk of duplication, mistakes and inconsistency in data,” Mr Darlan said, adding:

“To our customers and suppliers, SAP enables us become more efficient is our service to you. The system will monitor sales opportunities, marketing opportunities and prospects which may become actual orders for the benefit of the organisation.”
However, the launch of this multi-billion management tool comes at such a time when the company continues to be criticised for failing to revamp railway transport operations.

, RVR secured $287 million to overhaul the line. RVR said the money was meant to facilitate railway refurbishments from Mombasa to Kampala.

A commuter train was launched early last year, and operated for less than a month before winding up. Information from the ministries; transport and privatisation shows that the temporary passenger license was revoked after RVR failed to secure an insurance license for passengers.


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