Col. Paddy Ankunda Is New Army Spokesman

Col Felix Kulayigye is now the
Col Felix Kulayigye is now the Chief Political Commissar

Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda, the former spokes person of the Africa Mission In Somali (AMISOM) is the new Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) mouth piece according to a shake up made by the commander in chief President Yoweri Museveni and announced on Saturday morning.

Ankunda replaces Col Felix Kulayigye who has been appointed the Chief Political Commissar (CPC) of UPDF.
Lt Col. Paddy Ankunda has until now been serving as the publicist of the DRC-M23 peace talks in Kampala following his return from war-torn Somalia last year. It is the second time Ankunda is bouncing back in the same position.
The army recently created Military Civil Relations Unit and Col. Ssentongo is now the new director. This new department is aimed at inculcating the NRA ideology in the armed forces with the objective of consolidating the relations between armed forces and civilians.
Col. Mike Kisame, has been posted to Uganda’s mission in Khartoum as the defence attaché while Lt. Col. Eunus Bagada who was the defence attaché in Khartoum, will join CMI.
These changes come in the wake of an attack on Uganda’s Mbuya Military barracks, one the country’s fortified military installations. The attack left five soldiers dead.

7 thoughts on “Col. Paddy Ankunda Is New Army Spokesman

  1. I wonder who was in the position of Chief Political Commisar of UPDF, which Kulayigye has taken over.

      1. Thanks – I note he is taking up the newly created post at the Military civil relation unit.

  2. Army Spokesperson or not this has no meaning in Uganda because there are many lies in the Government which are protected by the President.

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