Nantaba Sued Over Trespass

President Museveni talking to Nantaba at a recent function in Kayunga
President Museveni talking to Nantaba at a recent function in Kayunga

Lands state minister Ms Idah Nantaba has once again been sued over land but this time by a real estate company, Zion Construction Uganda Limited.

The real estate company is accusing the minister for having allegedly trespassed on part of its land in Bulwanyi village, Wakiso district last year.

The suit against the minister was filed on March 4, before the High Court, Land Division.

Ms Nantaba is jointly sued with ten others.

In its complaint, the real estate company contends that the minister colluded with 10 others and forcefully took possession of its land.

It further contends that the minister and her co-accused made threats to evict the occupants and put it in possession of the people whom it had purchased the land from.

Zion estate is now demanding damages plus costs of the suit.

The ten include; Amina Nanono, Phillip Lubega, Martin Lubega, Edward Sepiriya Lubega, Yusuf Kayaba, Sizi Semaganda, and Veronica Nantala.

Others are Henry Mugenyi, Tekirya Kiyaga, and Daniel Lubwama.

This suit against the minister comes at a time when she is battling yet another land matter filed against her by a Buziranjovu Development Company in connection to a disputed 1423 acres of land in Mukono district with the local residents.

Court is yet to summon Ms Nantaba, and her co-defendants to file their defense before a hearing date can be fixed.

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  1. That is the way to go, let her spend more time battling Court cases, she will fail to deliver at the ministry and in the constituency. Museveni makes a very big blander when he appoints such young, inexperienced and incompetent kids such as Nantaba to run such a sensitive ministry

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