Fyona Nsubuga, The Irresistable Dynamite

Sexy Fyona
Sexy Fyona

Fyonna Nsubuga is proving to be an irresistible dynamite on the Ugandan music scene. The sexy singer is a surprise talent as she releases various entertaining and quality hits.

We earlier in our article predicted that she would be on the 2013 music menu following her first album and its seems we were right. Her image has blossomed for the right reasons on local air waves.

Fyonna who is a trainee nurse has showed consistence and quality at the very top with many music analysts labelling her a star in the making. The ‘Mpulira Kika’ song bird is about to release her ‘Show Time’ video featuring Killer Finger which is an urban English song in which she shows versatility in a way she flows and skips on a dancehall rhythm.

One music industry insider who preferred to stay anonymous when asked about her music and personality, responded that this girl is an irresistible dynamite who is different and original, and definitely a new chapter.

Another video is called ‘Biri mu maaso’ which is a Luganda song consisting of modern local sounds. In the song Fyonna expresses hope to achieve and emphasises hard work and belief always pays . In her own words the singer said ‘’no matter when or how long it takes, with hard work you reap from the seeds you sow”.


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  1. I hope this dynamite doesn’t explode in our faces like some of her predecessors.

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