Explain Tullow Oil Bribery Allegations, MPs Tell M7

President Yoweri Museveni
President Yoweri Museveni

Members of Parliament are demanding that President Yoweri Museveni personally explain the oil bribery allegations leveled against him in the foreign media.

Theodore Ssekikubo, the Lwemiyaga county MP says they find it strange that President Museveni who has been named since last week has kept quiet.

Kwahar Quereshi, the Heritage Oil legal counsel, was recently quoted at a court proceeding in London as saying that Tullow’s Exploration Director Angus McCoss in an August 2010 group email suggested the idea that 50 million US Dollars be paid to the Ugandan President. The money, according to McCross, was to meet the short term needs and demands of President Museveni.

Ssekikubo now laments that Uganda cannot be a point of ridicule by foreign countries. He says the president has kept quiet yet his name is being dragged down the gutters.

On the safety of the oil sector, Ssekikubo says they put up a strong defence against giving Energy Minister powers to grant and revoke licenses under clause 9 of the first oil Bill that was passed in December. However, President Museveni overturned Parliament’s decision.

The MPs including Muwanga Kivumbi for Butambala and Sewungu Gozanga for Kalungu West say they have been asking how much the country got from the Capital Gains Tax and the royalties yet they know the book entry says something else from what is being paid out.

President Museveni had earlier demanded that Heritage pay 400 million US dollars in taxes before they commence business, but the company was allegedly allowed to commence.

Lawyer Quereshi also told court that Tullow toyed with the idea of financing President Museveni’s campaigns for the February 2011 presidential  elections which he won by a landslide.

Ssekikubo says they suffered with unprecedented money in the elections with campaigns ranging into trillions without a clear source. He adds that this is why political parties have not accounted to the Electoral Commission on the sources of their funding.

Wilfred Niwagaba, MP for Ndorwa West, says it’s very unfortunate that the name of President Museveni should appear in a commercial court in a foreign land with allegations of grand corruption and bribery.

Niwagaba prays that what is transpiring in the commercial court will not affect the arbitration matter between Heritage and government.

Earlier on the Democratic Party spokesperson Kenneth Kakande called upon Parliament to institute a probe and investigate the bribery allegations.

However, Linda Nabusayi the Assistant Presidential press secretary said there is nothing for the President to explain since the allegations are false.

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  1. There we go, the beans have been boiling and now they seam to start spilling!!!

  2. why cant you leave to eat his money bse there is saying that a man eats where he works lve m7.

  3. Such allegations are not new in Parliament. However, government and Parliament in particular ought to obtain serious punitive mechanisms for rewarding or punishing the authors of such allegations in case they come out to be true or false. However, i trust, this government is good at ‘trick-stars’ of manipulating the parliamentary lobby.

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