Teachers Are Desperate, Need Re-education – Fagil Mandy

Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) Chairman, Fagil Mandy has called on Government to rebrand the teacher to produce a rebranded student who will propel Uganda into the first world.

During his interaction with over 30,000 teachers during seminars and workshops conducted countrywide, Fagil Mandy said the teachers described a good teacher as one who keeps physically health to influence a learner, reads, researchers and innovates.

A good teacher is also one who is God-fearing, keeps time, listens to learners, plans, and possesses multi-skills, guides and counsels.

Fagil Mandy’s observation of the need to rebrand a teacher comes against a back drop where teachers are demanding for better pay from government.

Fagil Mandy a former Inspector of schools and no stranger to controversy claimed during the release of the Uganda Certificate of Education results that love affairs were a huge distraction for students from their studies.

This time round, Fagil Mandy blamed teachers for the poor performance but called on government to have value for the teacher if they are to produce teachers for the future generation.

Fagil Mandy revealed he later gave a group of 3840 teachers a chance to rate themselves whether they were good teachers or not and found that only 60 of the teachers confessed to conducting research prior to teaching their students.

Only 90 of the teachers said they kept time, only 330 out of the 3840 teachers were found to listen to learners.

While only 120 of the teachers confirmed understanding learners, only 240 teachers evaluated their learners.

Only 120 teachers were found to practice honesty and integrity and only 330 out of 3840 teachers read and only 70 kept physically fit.

Fagil Mandy said teachers cannot give to learners what they do not have.

Speaking to journalists after the release of Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE), Fagil Mandy said that teachers were lacking in essential knowledge, emotions and skills to teach students.

He observed that teachers cannot give learners what they do not have, like if teachers cannot keep time students will not keep time.

Fagil Mandy warned teachers to wake up and fill the gaps. He urged parents not to leave all the work to teachers but work with teachers to produce a complete child.

Fagil Mandy called on the Ministry of Education to review the curriculum of teacher training colleges, including universities.

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