DP Denies Holding Talks with Former VP Prof Gilbert Bukenya

Mao clarifies that when Bukenya was incarcerated in Luzira in October 2011, Mao and Mathias Nsubuga, the DP secretary general, tried to lure him into the party but he snubbed them.

However if he is reconsidering the offer then they can give him another chance. He adds that they are not afraid to recruit from their opponent the NRM since that is what it does from the opposition. So being an eminent surgeon and former Vice President it will be good to have him in the party.

At the DP press conference today Kenneth Kakande the party spokesperson stated that the National Executive Committee had not sat nor in any of its agenda considered that Prof. Gilbert Bukenya shall run as a flag bearer in 2016.

Kenneth Kakande, the DP spokesperson, says this is not known to the party unless it is individuals who did.

Kakande states that the party has never sat anywhere to consider Prof Bukenya’s candidature.

The DP argues that Prof. Bukenya, the Busiro county North Member of Parliament, is still an NRM member.

However, the door is open if he wants to denounce the NRM and join the Democratic Party.

The DP is now spearheading discussions first as a party to campaign on a common platform as opposition to field a single candidate in 2016.

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  1. I was wondering what gain one would have from a political prostitute of the Bukenya calibre. As VP, he hadly associated with Mmengo. And now that he wants the top job, he is willing to go back to his roots, be it Buganda issues or DP. Katikkiro and Mao must be very careful with guys like this one.

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