Chameleone Explains Seguku House Departure

Jose Chameleone left his seguku home so that its security can be fixed
Jose Chameleone left his seguku home so that its security can be fixed

Ugandan Afro beat artist Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone has come out to explain why he left his seguku based residence.

There were unconfirmed reports in the media that the superstar singer fled his home due to death threats from different people to Mbuya where his father in law resides.

Chameleone's 'new hut' in Muyenga
Chameleone’s ‘new hut’ in Muyenga

In a post on his Facebook wall, chameleone says he left his seguko home to his ‘new hut’ in Muyenga to allow renovation at the former that will also see its security fixed.

Chameleone's young ones enjoying a swim at their 'new hut'
Chameleone’s young ones enjoying a swim at their ‘new hut’

The statement below is what he wrote on his wall

My security and that of my family was compromised in Seguku. Therefore it was prudent to acquire another place as the security issues at Seguku got fixed. Again this will allow for the renovation work that has been going on at Seguku for the last 4 months get finished n dan more efficiently. Leone island family, introducing my new hut in Muyenga……..


7 thoughts on “Chameleone Explains Seguku House Departure

    1. Ochora, eyo fitina yo. He is not running. He has no case to answer. he just has the money to move to muyenga. deal with it

      1. Jules, which continent do you live in? are ur messages from wireless on mars or… you who does not know that technical know who, wealth, prestige and who you are may favour you even when you kill someone in day light???? man size up

  1. Why does he have to wait for the worse,go Jose.
    Security tight bse in Ug anything can happen buddy

  2. Do the assailants fear to find him in Mbuya?. if ,is he staying in a Baracks to know that is secure enough?.

    1. well said mushabe..if he fears for his life then y enlighten us on where he living now? tuli bakoowu ate omuntu tatiika ojja kubungera..just matter of time.

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