BROKE! Bad Black Sued For Non-payment Of Legal Fees

Bad Black
Bad Black has been sued for failure to pay Shs162 million

Embattled City socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa, commonly known as Bad Black, has been sued for allegedly defaulting to pay legal fees amounting to over 162 million shillings.

Black was sued by HM Onoria Advocates, a law firm that claims to have offered her legal services before the Court of Appeal but she never honored the contract. The suit was filed on Tuesday before the High Court in Kampala.

The law suit against her is in connection to the legal fees she allegedly defaulted to pay after being represented to secure bail to enable her fly to Dubai to have her putrefying breast implants removed.

In July last year, the Anti-Corruption Court convicted and sentenced Black to four years in jail for embezzling over 11 billion shillings from her British boyfriend’s real estate company, Daveshan Development Company Ltd.

She has since appealed against the same judgment and seeks to have it set aside.

On October 17 last year, Black entered into an agreement with the law firm to purposely help her secure bail pending the hearing of her appeal. Late last year, court indeed released her on bail before she flew to Dubai to have breast implants removed.

She has since never returned to the country and the Court of Appeal has gone ahead to cancel her bail and wants her to go back to Luzira prison and serve her sentence. The court argues that she deceptively secured the bail after she changed sureties without court’s knowledge.

Court documents further show that Black and the law firm agreed to have the legal fees in question paid two weeks upon her release on bail.

But the law firm claims that despite several reminders and promises by Black to pay the legal fees, nothing has come forth, hence this legal suit against her for breach of contract.

The law firm now wants the court to compel Black to pay the said legal fees and also the costs of the suit.

The Court registrar, John Eudes Keitirima, has subsequently summoned Black to file in her defense within 15 days from the date of receiving the summons before a hearing date can be fixed.

9 thoughts on “BROKE! Bad Black Sued For Non-payment Of Legal Fees

    1. Lawyers are cheats. what is all that amount for? to hell with their theft and un necessary claims. badblack served you right

  1. That’s Great News, You Stood up for this Dodgy thug, lied & lied the Court & the General Public, let you as well feel it as the Muzungu’s Going Through!! For him, that was Peanut, We Know that Guy here, he’s a multi-Millioner, he has Assets around England worthy £65m=Ug.Shs.277bn. So Bad Black was Lucky & lost that Golden Chance, era Bwaliffa ngabonabona, but the Muzungu, Moved On already….!!
    He just wanted to Punish them Naye Tasobola Kugwaamu lwa £2.6m=£Ug.Shs.11bn.

  2. You just can’t plan on bonking and shafting your way in and out of courts and prisons all the time. This has a limit too. Wouldn’t she have been better practicing her diini?!

  3. All a long the lawyers knew that their client was bloke at the time, but because of greed they went ahead and represent her. let her teach them a lesson. by the way she’s for-ever Bad Back. BB.

  4. Really? it was hard enough for her to raise 100 million bail, where were they expecting her to get the 160 million to pay them.They should have known better. And those outrageous fees, how do they bill their clients? on the percentage of the loot? A good lawyer does not rely on promises that is not professional conduct. so learn from that.

    1. Exactly – good post. Most ridiculous amount of money they are demanding.They should be made to justify their fees by showing how many hours they put in and their hourly chargeout rate. Assuming they probably spent a maximum of 50 hours preparing for a bail application, they must be charging her at a rate of 3m ush per hour which is utterly scandalous..


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