Shaggy Refutes Death Rumours

Reggae Musician Shaggy
Reggae Musician Shaggy

Reggae pop star Shaggy was not stabbed in a bar fight this week and killed as had been alleged on social media, this is according to a living, breathing Shaggy.

The Internet death machine cranked out a rumor that Shaggy kicked the bucket after taking a shiv to the liver during a bar brawl in Los Angeles. In fact, someone even updated Shaggy’s Wikipedia page with false info about the singer’s alleged demise.

However, Mr. Boombastic lives and it is not the first time he’s been the victim of a cyber-death hoax. It’s happened about a billion times before with different celebrities, the most recent victim Justine Beiber. The false reports alleged Beiber had died in a car accident.

A representative for the Reggae star said “[Shaggy] is like a cat with 9 lives … but I can happily report that he’s alive and kicking and in the same building as me right now as we speak.”

This will come as good news for reggae artist’s fans across the world.

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