President Jameh Discovers AIDS Cure, To Begin Treatment

Gambia President Yahya Jameh
Gambia President Yahya Jameh

The President of Gambia Yahya Jammeh says he has discovered the cure to the deadly HIV/AIDs and now he plans on building a 1, 111 bed hospital to ensure that the patients receive the treatment.

“With this project coming to fruition, we intend to treat 10,000 HIV/AIDS patients every six months through natural medicine,” Jammeh said in his New Year’s address, adding that he expected the 1,111-bed hospital to open in 2015. President Jammeh first said he had come out with the cure way back in 2007.

In spite of the enticing possibility, the World Health Organization and the United Nations have said Jammeh’s HIV/AIDS treatment is alarming mainly because patients are required to cease their anti-retroviral drugs, making them more prone to infection.

In October, Jammeh said that 68 HIV/AIDS patients undergoing his herbal remedy had been cured and discharged, the seventh batch since the treatments began five years ago.

According to the HIV rate in Gambia is relatively low compared to other African states, with 2 percent of the country’s roughly 1.8 million people infected.

No more details have emerged about the HIV/AIDs cure although it is feared to be a fraud just like other previous cures which have come to light.


6 thoughts on “President Jameh Discovers AIDS Cure, To Begin Treatment

  1. Half education is poisonous–EEEEh i see mpozi his the Gambian president? not surprised really.. how can i president of a nation be so green?? Idi Amin of the 21st century!! Africa we stilll have a long way to go

  2. This is not a new claim, he announced this 3 years ago. He is a sick, hallucinated President and a bad dictator.

  3. Some branches man in your continent please as well as increasing on population annualy so that you save the world,God bless you

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