Nsenga’s Wife Faces Arrest Over Hubby’s Death

Juvenal,the businessman who was knocked down by Jakie
Juvenal,the businessman who was knocked down by Jakie

On a chilly Thursday evening after impatiently waiting for his dear wife to return home upon doing the day’s family errands, all tycoon Juvenal Nsenga expected was a wet ‘welcome home sweetie’ kiss from the dashingly beautiful Jackie Uwera.

However as fate would have it, Nsenga was instead greeted with death after being knocked down by a fully charged Mark II registration number UAL 933M shortly upon opening his house gate for the wife to access.

Yesterday police confirmed Juvenal was knocked to death by his wife after she lost control of her car while entering the gate of their residence in Bugolobi, an opulent Kampala suburb.

According to the deceased’s business partner a one Bob Kirenga, an established businessman in Kampala, Nsenga had cut his niche in real estate and the transport sector though sources told us the young man had amassed wealth after successfully keeping afloat the businesses of his Rwandese father Donat Kananura.

Investigators have confirmed to us that they will interrogate Jackie as a prime suspect. “We will investigate this case to the marrow,” said Jinja Road Police CIID boss Mark Bwogere. While he did not die at the scene doctors at Paragon Hospital confirmed the tycoon had died of too much bleeding.

The medics revealed that deceased’s head had partly been damaged which led to blood tangling with his brain which caused the death.

Meanwhile there was a requiem mass held for the deceased at his palatial Bugolobi home yesterday. Several mourners eulogized the tycoon demanding an inquest to establish the motives of Jackie.

Untold Story

Juvenal Nsebga who was just 47 years old is the first born of Rwandese born Ugandan businessman Donat Kananura in a family of more than 50 children.

Nsenga was an accomplished businessman in Uganda’s transport industry.

He was married to Jackie Uwera, a sister of the late Prince John Barigye since 1996 with only two children.

Jackie uwera with her children
Jackie uwera with her children

The children study in the very affluent school at St Andrews Turi in Kenya. The two had only returned to Kenya for studies last Monday.

Before his death, Nsenga held one of the biggest transport contracts with the World Food Program (WFP), and he was the proud owner of a fleet of 50 trailer trucks.

It is said that Nsenga made a lot of money after the RPF took over power and he carefully invested his money in banks.

Nsenga who had on several occasions won the personal account Banker of the year award in Standard Chartered Bank, held a fixed deposit in SCB of about $15 million, which would earn him approximately $1.3 million annually as interest, in addition to what he earned from his vibrant transport business.

In fact unlike his father who is into real estate business, Nsenga is said to have believed in money so much that he never indulged in buying stressful property.

Friends add that Nsenga was as liquid as water in terms of cash deposits.

Who Is Uwera?

Jackie Uwera, a munyankole from Kashari is a sister to the late Prince John Barigye of Ankole and aut to the current crown Prince who is a cousin of IGP Kale Kayihura’s wife and a sibling to Col. Naboth Mwesigwa among others.

Before she got married to tycoon Nsenga, she was a model and designer in Nairobi Kenya and soon after her marriage, her life turned around when she found her husband such a stinking rich fellow that she chose to be a house wife.

She is still a very young woman considering she got married at an early age; slightly below 20 years. The couple’s marriage has allegedly been on the rocks for almost 10 years, according to family sources.

‘Jackie not amused by just being a house wife. She would always complain given the socialite status she enjoyed as a party animal in Nairobi’,a pal said.

‘So the Jackie Uwera who has Rwandese roots via the mother also found herself in a dilemma of keeping the home’ the pal added.


Who is Nsenga?

Nsenga was a very outgoing gentleman who always had more than Shs 5 million on him each night he stepped out. He would sip his favorite wines with close friends throughout the night.

Nsenga was such a good businessman that he set his transport business well with proper structures to an extent it operated without his presence.

He would hang out with friends all night and return home to sleep at 7am in the morning.

Sources say because of his long nights, Nsenga would sleep all day. His favorite hangout was a private bar called Raju along Luthuli Avenue in Bugolobi.

Ironically, this bar is operated by an Arab businessman with origins from Jordan. It is at this bar that he would splash cash on his buddies.

He would especially surround himself with youths from Rwanda.

‘The guy would buy for his youthful friends all tribes of the bitter they wanted to guzzle. He was a very generous man indeed’, a pal said.

This Raju bar is about 800 metres away from his marital home in Bugolobi next to MUBS annex.

On the fateful day, Jackie who drives a blue mark II, had stepped out for a cup of tea with friends and on returning, she hooted and fortunately or unfortunately, Nsenga was in the compound smoking.

He came and opened for her the gate and as he moved away, he got crushed. All that transpired remains a subject of speculation as they were the only ones at the scene; Nsenga and Jackie.

Jackie allegedly drove over Nsenga breaking his limbs before shouting at the top of her voice. This alerted the guards in the neighborhood swung into action. The guards belonging to Elly Karuhanga were the ones that assisted Jackie put the dying Nsenga into vehicle taking him to Paragon Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Paragon Hospital officials sources intimated to us that before his death, Nsenga told Doctors ‘Please don’t touch my wife, it was just an accident’




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  1. you remember the sister?a queen being f*** by a herdsman.
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  2. wether it was an accident or intentional, she has a case to answer, a CASE OF MANSLAUGHETR(IF IT WAS ACCIDENTAL) IF THEN A MOTIVE IS ESTABLISHED, den it may turn into a MURDER CASE. Untilmately she killed a man, intentionally or accidentally .

  3. This is quite interesting for us Criminal lawyers. Following the victim’s very last statement ‘Please dont touch my wife……..’ The legal qtn arises if the victim’s wishes in cases of manslaughter have effect to the factor of intention, where the victim himself is the principle witness? In my view, such statements are essential in assessing of the ‘mens rea’ as together with intention, of which if any of the two is missing, then the defendant cannot be help culpable. Good case that shd test the legal awareness of your investigators. Separating quick fixes in manslaughter decisions from facts.

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