Manyire quits Record TV for Top TV

Joe Black Manyire
Joe Black Manyire

Industrial Area based Record Television’s problems are not about to end. Not so long ago, we reported how the station manager had fled the country after being summoned by Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) and the Ministry of Labour over unprofessionalism.

Word reaching us is that show producer Joe Black Manyire has quit Record TV and joined rival Christian station Top TV.

According to sources, Manyire threw in the towel a few weeks ago citing unprofessionalism especially from top management.

As you read this, Manyire has already started work at his new station and seems to be happy if his recent Facebook status is anything to go by.

“Manyire is happy with the working environment at Top TV and says it is more professional and pleasant than Record TV,” confirms Manyire’s close pal.

Record TV management is now looking for a replacement since Manyire has been their best producer doing over five shows. He has been the producer of all the station’s music programs including the popular entertainment Katogo show.

Although he quit Record TV, snoops have been informed that Manyire still has the contract to organize the East African Nite at Club Silk every last Friday of the month.

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  1. I understand why Manyire left Record TV for Top TV because I have heard from their other employees who are also my friends that Record TV doesn’t respect their employees. I hope after Manyire’s comments, my comments, Record TV realises that they need to respect their employees and make their company a pleasant place to work. Best way to keep your employees is to make the workplace a pleasant place to be.

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