M23 Sends Complaint To HRW Over Blocked Website

M23 Spokesman Kazaram has also seen his facebook page pulled down
M23 Spokesman Vianey Kazarama has also seen his Facebook page pulled down

Democratic Republic of Congo armed group M23 has sent a complaint to US based Human Rights Watch over the closure of its website alongside social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter accounts.

According to officials in the group , M23 is being denied space on social media, the  M23 Facebook pages have been pulled down three times.

The first page, M23 RDC, had 10,700 fans and this was of course in contrast to the information being propagated by NGOs in DRC and so called ”activist” groups which claimed that M23 has no support in Eastern DRC.

M23 opened a second account and the page was pulled down too, a third account was opened however it was also shut down on 27th December.

In addition to this, the people who are yet to be identified also had the Facebook account of M23 military spokesman, Vienny Kazarama blocked. M23 has also been blocked on twitter.

The group accuses Human Rights Watch and other Non-Governmental Organizations with ulterior motives in eastern DRC of deliberately targeting them although they are not listed anywhere as a terrorist organization.

In June last year, Human Rights Watch authored a dossier accusing the armed group of committing war crimes in the eastern DRC which the latter denied and it is upon this background that M23 officials believe that HRW has a hand in the recent moves that have seen their online platforms shut down.

The M23 group – named after the March 23, 2009 peace agreement between the rebel group and the DRC government of Joseph Kabila.

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