Jalia Kyagulanyi Dismisses ‘Divorce’ Rumours

Jalia and Sylver Kyagulanyi on their wedding day
Jalia and Sylver Kyagulanyi on their wedding day

The wife of celebrated Ugandan music song writer Silver Kyagulanyi has rubbished press reports alleging that she and her hubby have ended their union.

The media has been awash with gossip that UK based Jalia had found another man named Eria and deserted Sylver Kyagulanyi on grounds of the latter’s infidelity. However, she has rubbished those reports as false saying she does not know the Eria being associated to her.

The two got married in July 2007 and now have two children both of whom stay with their mother Jalia.

Jalia revealed this in a message she sent to Red Pepper saying only the creator can separate her from the father of her two children.

“I and Sylver are still together and no man shall separate us apart from God who put as together… Whoever is giving u false information only wants to get something out of it and he/she won’t.” Reads part of her message.

She added “I know there are many out there who are very happily waiting for us to separate but i am sorry to say that it will never happen. I don’t even live in forest gate and I have never heard or seen any Eria in my life before so i don’t know where that person is getting the information.

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