Desh Remanded To Luzira Prison On Murder Charges

Desh Kananura
Desh Kananura

A Court in Kampala on Monday charged city tycoon Desh Kananura with the murder of his former employee and remanded to Luzira Prison.

City Hall Grade I Magistrate Juliet Hatang charged Kananura with the murder of Badru Katerega and sent him to Luzira Prison until February 12 when he is expected to reappear in Court.

Kananura who is alleged to have participated in the torture of Katerega leading to his death at Panamera Bar and Restaurant in Naguru, a Kampala suburb denied involvement.

Kananura was arrested last Thursday at Entebbe International Airport after arriving from the United Kingdom though he refuted allegations he had fled the country to avoid arrest.

Mr Kananura was taken back to Panamera Bar at the weekend where the crime allegedly happened to help police detectives reconstruct the scene of crime.


It is alleged Mr Kananura, his brother Mr Raymond Kananura, and others still at large beat to death Katerega after he was found with an amount of money (Shs 30,000) exceeding that allowed to be held by any worker on duty in their bar.

The Other suspects are Cyrus Maganda, Samuel Muzulewa and Jacob Onyango.

Mr Kenneth Kirenzi, another bar attendant, was also beaten with a gun butt and is admitted to a hospital in Namirembe, Kampala receiving treatment.



5 thoughts on “Desh Remanded To Luzira Prison On Murder Charges

  1. He will be out soon on whatever bond. he has the potential to kill and go untouched. Believe me, those are just formalities. He has the cash lawyers from planet Mars will be booked in Serena to defend him. Trust money. Probably Katerega’s relatives are unable to go for HUNTER AND GREGG law firm. That’s how the law on Rich v/s the poor is written.

    1. Yah, it seems man has now finally decided to reach a level of becoming a semi God with semi divine powers. How can one kill a worker for 30,000shs. Boda Boda cyclists have often been sending boda boda thieves to hell alive , seeing with our necked eyes. I think when it is time to die we should ALL accept God to deal with us, no more crying, laughing , singing together, real justice no matter what. “Biribabitya” !!

  2. Its a matter of bribing DPP staff to come up with messed up prosecution and the case will be lost!! They have done it for many criminals.

  3. Yup, i can see things are moving well in favour of Desh the untouchable, that is the second step to freedom having gone through step one of being arrested

  4. The problem with Uganda’s law is its corrupt. May God use the right lawyers to find justice for the victim Desh killed.

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