Tutu Urges Uganda To Drop Bid To Jail Homosexuals

desmond tutu

Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu has urged Uganda to scrap a controversial draft law that would send gays and lesbians to jail and, some say, put them at risk of the death penalty.

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill is expected to become law after Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga offered it to Ugandans as a “Christmas gift.” The bill is believed to exclude the death penalty clause after international pressure forced its removal, but gay rights activists say much of it is still horrendous.

“I am opposed to discrimination, that is unfair discrimination, and would that I could persuade legislators in Uganda to drop their draft legislation, because I think it is totally unjust,” Tutu told reporters here on Tuesday at the All Africa Conference of Churches meeting.

The former Anglican archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa, who was a hero of the anti-apartheid movement, has emerged as a leading pro-gay voice both in the church and across Africa.

With African church leaders passionately preaching against homosexuality as sinful and against African culture, Tutu said the church must stand with minorities.

“My brothers and sisters, you stood with people who were oppressed because of their skin color. If you are going to be true to the Lord you worship, you are also going to be there for the people who are being oppressed for something they can do nothing about: their sexual orientation,” he said.

Tutu said people do not choose their sexual orientation, and would be crazy to choose homosexuality “when you expose yourself to so much hatred, even to the extent of being killed.”


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  1. I agree with Tutu. Who are we to sentence fellow man to death. If what they are doing is wrong, let God be the one to punish them and not a fellow man. Ugandans are so fast to judge homesexuals but what if you had a child who said they were homosexual, would still agree with the death penalty for your own flesh and blood… That is just something to think about!

    1. I HARDLY AGREE WITH TUTU on HIS SUBMISSIONS. Uganda is much different from south Africa in terms of when they acquired independence to many things. Uganda as a country has its rights to legislate on what is prudent for its people but NOT to please the world. If YOU are being used by the gay world, the advice is just eat their dollars and pretend to be spearheading a dead war because Hon. Kadaga is somebody we trust and the Christmas gift is coming soon. UGANDA IS INDEPENDENT SO NO COUNTRY (EXTERNAL POWER) MUST SUPER IMPOSE ITSELF TO INFLUENCE US ON OUR DECISIONS. SO ANY FORM OF CONTINUED COLONIALISM REMINDS US OF THE BAD THINGS THE COLONIAL MASTERS LEFT ON THE PLANET

      1. Jeff when you comment like that its like you are saying Uganda is a stand alone nation which does not need to deal with other countries. Uganda is part of global village called world and there are international laws they have signed up to, for example the human rights . So you cant say Uganda is a sovereign country so it can enact its own laws to murder people and wont listen to anyone. we will be isolated and receive sanctiosn which will hurt innocent people. dont you just get it?????

    2. Desmond Tutu is there again looking for cheap popularity. His luck of coherence is very absurd.When he hears youths are unemployed he is condemning government. When he hears of dialalama, he invites him to his birth day party not knowing it will hurt South African economy and cause more youth unemployment. He thinks his birth day is more important than the south African economy.The bible is against sodomy and we might be punished by God and cause more suffering in addition to unemployment. Does he even know that china is the biggest trading partner of south Africa with trade of over Rands 450 billion but because of cheap popularity, he there again. why does he not advocate for polygamy which is African and biblical like king Solomon. I think tutu should either read the bible or write his own.

      1. I hate fellow Africans who serve the interests of western powers.. I argue Ugandans to stand behind Speaker Kadaga to fight this sin of gays.

  2. Tutu plse leave alone Uganda because of respect,you may end up heated by many Ugandans as Archibishop you should preach more and more instead of preaching we have our Culture,belief and social behavior plse give us peace

  3. why are people failing to understand what we Ugandans are standing against. we all agree gays have their rights to enjoy what they deem is good for them but they are spreading their vice by targeting underage boys.(the red pepper of 7th/12/2012) can attest to this. that very grown up man sodomizing a young boy.surely when you look at the picture that boy cant be above 18yrs of age.
    they target young boys because they are vulnerable and they use money and promising them a life every young man would wish for.
    the gay right activists should also come out to condemn the recruitment of young boys into this thing. the world over, having sex with a minor is an offense and its punishable by law.

  4. Desmond, we as Ugandans appreciate your concerns. But tell us, why haven’t you ever condemned the countries that follow the Sharia Law. This is about our beliefs as Ugandans. This homosexuality thing infriges on our cultural dignities.
    Bishop, there are many other problems in Africa that are far more demanding than the so-called rights you are talking about. So please, let Ugandans be. Our parliamentary representatives are representing our interests as Ugandans.

  5. Our people say age is wisdom but am quite disturbed with the man of God Desmond Tutu to say in part that gays/lesbians shouldn’t be condemned. Where’s the wisdom of this man of God when he’s supposed to know that marriage of the same sex is a great sin in the sight of God let alone mankind. It would be wise for the former Archbishop of the Anglican Church to base his argument or support on the scripture. I think Desmond and those with similar view clamouring for Uganda to drop its draft law intended to protect the culture of the people of Uganda need to know that Uganda is a sovereign state. It defeats my understanding that people like Desmond who supposed to be part to the solution to African cultural erosion by western cultures is instead portraying to be part of the problem to promote erosion of African values. Homosexuality has never been part of African values rather it is emerging from western influence in the name of respect for minority group rights. Respecting human rights is good but it is not wise to use it to protect the wrong thing (homosexuality/lesbianism.

  6. For the first time, I tell mr. Tutu,… much as you did well in the fight against, apartheid, I am forced to think, that you reached your maximum and now you are decelerating instead of accelerating. As for the issues concering Uganda, I wonder why Mr. Tutu has never talked about Museveni, brutality, in names of police, or the corruption rate.. and all of a sudden you come up for gay!! A little shame. Please respect your age and concentrate on what is really important. Don’t seek more recognition from the western world..yet arrogantly attacking independent nations like uganda, who have a right to protect their values.

  7. omuganda agamba okukula kulaba. that saying has come to be true to me as i continue to be let down by the people i had so much pride and belief in when i was young. for a person of tutu’s caliber to start defending homosexuals in such a manner is a total to disgrace God and the nation at large. the Bible clearly states it clearly that homosexuals deserve death and nothing else Roman1:26-32. for tutu act in such a contradicting way to the sayings of the Bible shows how much the people we regarded as our religious fathers gave up following the bible long time ago and are now fulfilling their own desires and emotions. shame on you tutu!!!!!!!!!. homosexuality has no place in uganda. for God and my country!

  8. shanice If u reason like that then u rather check what the bible and the qua rani say about marriage. Do you remember God Punished Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality.Is that what you want to bring back in this world.Tutu himself knows why death sentence was scraped in South Africa bse most victims were blacks who were and are still lawless and do know that law was brought by religion . Do you know South Africa is the most dangerous place to stay in the world bse same people are being protected. What was Gods intention.of creating a man and a woman. Lets create Uganda a better place for our grand.Do you know the same Tutu said when ANC votes for Zuma he wont vote for ANC again. Let us not be misled my dear.Let the law be there after all it punishes the offender like any other law.

  9. Desmond Tutu of all people. Well, knowing the devil as I do I am not surprised. I wonder what the good bishop is buying and on whose behalf because it is not God.

  10. according to the African culture and all the religious books we believe in like the Bible they are all against against homosexuality in fact if u read the Bible very well it is one of the sins that only made God to be angry with human beings to the extent of destroying of all mankind so i don’t think that Mr Tutu really reads the Bible well.

    1. MR / MRS
      According to the ATS, homosexuals have been there and there not been anything like kill them,

  11. tutu, we respect you! but to that point we shall not allow the homosexuals in uganda! infact the speaker of the parliament is just delaying to pass the law as she had promised its going to be a Xmass gift to uganda, but even if she delays, my fellow ugandan citizens will continue working on them.

  12. Very shamefull to hear such words coming from a full Bishop. He would be the one to give good advise but now what comes from him. Why can’t you Bishop stand on the truth like the Daniel’s?

  13. Tutu you are a pro-gay voice but as you have spoken,there is nothing you have quoted that is scriptural at all. Being bishop does not mean you know the bible. You are a noble peace prize winner. Do you know the bible clearly states homosexuals will go to hell? Why do you mislead people? Whoever teaches the little ones to break the word of God will be called least in the Kingdom. I challenge Tutu to show me in the bible where it says that homosexuality is just a sexual orientation and not sin. There are many scriptures that show that homosexuality is not only a sin but a degradation of ones body. Tutu you just repent and focus on Christ instead of those nobel peace prizes that won’t get you to heaven at all.

  14. I don’t agree with Tutu, if christian leaders are leading the flock in that direction of sodomy, we’re heading to trouble, the issue is not death penalty, but containing the vice. Please you may not be gay, and u may denounce it, but your son may be one! lets join our voices together against this group of immoral people.

    1. Not until the black man learns that he did wrong to undermine his culture, such acts like child sacrifice and homosexuality are going to reign. Those grand grand parents who decided to embrace the foreign cultures (religions) are the one to blame.

      A black man failed to understand that religion is the birth of all this. Gay has been practiced in Catholic churches for so many years and been kept as a secret. Remember the church wanted to prove that they can withstand the power of sexual nature by declaring that a priest should not get married and pretended to be holly. It even became a scared practice. The world looked at the priests as the men of God so close to HIM. BUT because the NATURE is more powerful than man, they opted to loving fellow Priests hence being 100% satisfied of sexual pleasures and at the same time guarded over bearing children.

      Those who want exploit the cause of all this shit should read more on “Homosexuality in the Roman Catholic priesthood” . Evidence from several studies has shown that there are higher than average numbers of homosexual men (active and non-active) within the Catholic priesthood and higher orders; estimates presented in Donald B. Cozzens’ book The Changing Face of the Priesthood range from 23–58%. T he existence of gay bishops in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and other traditions is a matter of historical record, though never, until recently, considered licit by any of the main Christian denominations.[19] Homosexual activity was engaged in secretly.

      When it was made public, official response ranged from inaction to expulsion from Holy Orders. As far back as the eleventh century, Ralph, Archbishop of Tours had his lover installed as Bishop of Orléans, yet neither Pope Urban II, nor his successor Paschal II took action to depose either man.

      My question is, what happened to the indigenous African Tradition Religion? Can’t we really reverse the wheels? Can’t we formalize its substance? Are we supposed surrender to the imperialistic books that marginalized African beliefs?

      Most world bodies are crying foul of the environmental degradation, even without mentioning capitalistic ventures, has any one thought of the Human extinction that it is also part of the environmental degradation? Look here, God scattered human race with the intention of taking care of the ecological system. Those guardians where killed and the nature was left without care takers; who knew the language of their surroundings.

      The world is in a mess!

  15. Just because one can’t do anything about a particular behavior, doesn’t make it okay to do. If I decided to eat shit because I couldn’t help it, would that make eating shit it right? If that’s the case, then why did we fight racism? We might as well have let the racists be racists since “they couldn’t help it”. “Tutu said people do not choose their sexual orientation…”, and neither do they choose their skin color, but we still stood against racism. The logic is the same. We have to do our part, and let God do His.

    1. Denis your argument is precisely what Tutu is saying….Racism was based on bigotry…the afrikaners in S.A even used the bible to justify apartheid…hey discriminated black south african purely on the basis of thir skin just like all you homophobic people who have solely judged homosexuals just because they are different from the majority even when some of you have never met one let alone been harmed by one.
      Look at open gay people like sir Elton John whose music even you and a whole lot of straight people enjoy….is contribution to the world is worth more than yours .What of the versaces whose clothes everyone admires.
      Ant then this nonsense that homosexuality is foreign to Africa is oreign yet the once custodian of Buganda culture, kabaka Mwanga was a rumoued homosexual…Africans never cease to amze me

      1. Sammy, you are surely crazy. We are Africans, the Kabaka Mwanga you are talking about as once a homo does not represent our beliefs as all Ugandans, in fact he was a big disgrace in our history. Read more about his attrocities to the Uganda Marytrs etc. We can not accept homosexuality.

  16. I grew up on a farm and lived there for half of my life, about 30 years, but all that time, I never saw animals of the same sex dating each other. Chickens, pigs, cows,goats, etc,etc, How come that man with superior intelligence is the opposite?

  17. Tutu has lost his faith and reason. You are created a man or a woman and you think there is nothing you can do about homosexuality? It is a deviation from nature. Every sinner has an exuse, so does every criminal but that does not stop punishment. Archbishop, think again.

  18. Sometimes i fail to distinguish between some human beings and animals,even animals can,t do such a thing,For Gods sake what is really thare that people enjoy?we have been thinking that mad people are in mental hospitals but,no others are moving freely.How can u get aroused by your same sex mate, if this is not madness of the highest order i rest my case.

    1. i think you are one of the mad people who shouldn’t be in mental hospitals, Tutu is right and i think we should get over it and move on Mr Mugume, take an example, that one of ur son and your brother is dating a man without you knowing, what can u do?

  19. so disappointed what kind of God does he believe in as far as i know the One true God the Alpha and Omega doesn’t tolerate such things that’s why Sodom and Gomorrah had to be burnt down but if a bishop can say such words then i don’t believe he preaches what’s right and for that what ever his doing he needs to repent and get back to the light

  20. Here are 3 bible verses about the subject matter.
    Leviticus 18:22
    “Do not practice homosexuality; it is a detestable sin.
    Leviticus 20:13
    “The penalty for homosexual acts is death to both parties. They have committed a detestable act and are guilty of a capital offense.
    1 Corinthians 6:9
    Don’t you know that those who do wrong will have no share in the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, who are idol worshipers, adulterers, male prostitutes, homosexuals,

    1. and the same book say love
      where is the love when u are thinking of killing a group of people

      1. ssensamba, are you a homosexual?. If you are, then I can understand your passions in defending Desmond Tutu and on the side of the gay lobby.
        You see, if the western world, who original preached biblical Christianity to Africans many years ago can now re-write the Bible, you can bet your “bottom dollar” that such heinous sins as homosexuality would have been conveniently deleted from the good book.
        As a Christian, no one is advocating death penalty for gays; I just wonder then what you make of Islamic countries, who do not hesitate to put these group to death – even without blinking an eye-lid.
        You see ssensamba, it is easy to bash Christianity for almost anything morally wrong, but very “cautious” when it comes to Islam or the religion. It is interesting again that you don’t seem to hear Muslim clerics publicly denounce this act, yet all you need to do act even as if you’re gay in the Arab world, you have it in the “neck” – Iraq is a test case, currently in the news.
        So please ssensamba, Uganda is a sovereign state, capable of enacting their laws the way they wish and not to listen to a man acting almost far worse than Eli in the Old Testament.

  21. It seems more probable that not that many people are making judgement against the
    homosexual men and women from a point of ignorance. if only we took time to critically
    analyse this issue, devoid of any sort of ‘cultural’ and/or subjective colouring, and exercise arealm rationale and objectivity, more plausibility will be reached. it is proven that some of these people are homosexually oriented; meaning that it is in their nature to derive physical sexual, emotional, romantic, intimate satisfaction and fulfillment, and mutual love and support from people of the same sex. mindful that this argument holds categorically for such oriented individuals, not those who are nurtured, would it be fair and just to imprison these people? i imagine we condemn a minority people like the albinos because of their skin, would that be fair? Are we judging homos because they are the minority, and so because you and I, who are not affected, seem to be on the safer side? Envision a best friend of yours you’ve known for years, and you only learn today that he is a homosexual, would you end your friendship, and obliterate all the love, support, experience and all those times they have been there for you!! Remember, try to think about this and more; don’t just erupt and appeal to culture just like that, mindful that this practice din’t just emerge recently.

    1. Augustine, I hear what you’re saying very well.
      If I can bring you back to when the gay lobby started using the blacks as yardstick for demanding their rights as oppressed group – that alarm bells started ringing among the black community. We wondered how one could equate an immoral act to one’s skin colour.
      A lot of blacks who raised their opinion here were somehow cruelly silenced especially by the media in most western world (i.e, UK).
      I personally consider it a grave insult on the black race, to equate an immoral act with one’s skin colour.
      I work with gay people. As soon as they know that I am a Christian, some of them starts to attack with, albeit not physically – but then, the same set of people are very “cautious” around Muslims due to fear of reprisals from the Islamists; whereas, I always respect them in the workplace. So, helping anyone is a human act of kindness, regardless of their orientation.
      Augustine, you need to realise that Bishop Tutu, in not seeing the demarcation between the blacks and gays (so to speak) makes you wonder which book he has been reading lately (assuredly, not the Bible), I mean – the mind really boggles!

  22. This is HELL!!! If The living God of Heaven and Earth destroyed Sodom with FIRE because of homosexuality,why us people after knowing that it neither pleases God nor People,promote it??? I cant even believe that we have that grave vice of homosexuality in Uganda. What is befalling Africa? Please,let us all rise now,and stop that vice before it spreads in our Pearl of Africa and Africa at large.


  23. Kill the prostitutes, kill the lepers, kill the dim, kill the non-believers (who are going to Hell anyway), kill the single mothers who dared to have intercourse before marriage, stone the adulterer, chop the hand off the thief, carve out the tongue of the one who lies. We need a pure humanity; one of sacred beauty with no imperfections.

    Stop and think dear Ugandans where your tirade will end.!

    You’ll end up with a land of lush green plenty, founded on the biblical truths you espouse.

    Unfortunately, you will have massacred all of humanity in your gem of a nation – because we’re all guilty of something.

    There is no greater commandment that than of love your neighbour – Christ Himself said so. The New Testament overrides the Old – remember? Or are you languishing in Judaism?

    And even if you don’t buy that one ponder on this: Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

    As Yuletide approaches and the true meaning of Christmas bears down upon us.
    Forgive and turn the other cheek. There are far more worrisome things to concentrate on.

  24. I just cant believe that those are the very words from Tutu!he is aged enough to see what a young man like me can’t see while standing at the peak of the highest mountain!Erosion of culture and tradition is absolutely unacceptable not only in African traditional setting but world at large. I used to adore him but now I realise that he is a total disgrace to the African race

  25. This is what I would refer to as post apetheid hangover, the fact that you experienced racial segregation and oppression by the whites , doesn’t warrant the unleashing of weird sexual deviations on Africa. The spectrum of weird sexual deviation is big mr Tutu ,and you need not to leave out beastiality and others.Now what should we do with phedophiles?

    Do people choose to be thieves despite the hostility it brings? I just don’t see you get another noble prize from the whites ,so sober up and resist the fruitless wickedness being promoted by white’s as a new form of apetheid .

  26. God forgive us all, for those dat support gay rights, probably u r ok en nothing has happened to those kids of yrs who u treasure much. most of these gay people target young innocent children,in schools en churches. who is to protect these innocent children?

    1. Pedophiles(people who rape children) are not the same as gay people, please stop confusing them and educate yourself.


  28. As we plunge into the evening hours of this world’s history,such perversions like homosexuality are not strange. The bishop also should be forgiven coz he cant even interprete the Ten Commandments.Let him tell us the fourth commandment forexample.

  29. Why are Ugandans so obessed with the gay people? I mean, you have orphaned, starving children everywhere, conflict on your borders, corrupt dictatorship, but you concern yourself with the gay people. Then, you use God to defend your actions of hate and violence! I am tired of defending Ug. And I love how all the people commenting on hear just insult Tutu because they don’t like what he says, and as if you know more about the Bible or the world than he. Name-calling is the sign of a losing argument. As much as I want to see Uganda prosper and move forward in the world as a leader (and it is really close that) their obession with gays is going to bring them down. The world wants peace and prosperity not more hate and violence. I won’t give up on Ug yet, but I will stop defending it. And yes, you have a right to your own laws, etc. what you think is acceptable, but do you want this issue to prevent the whole nation from moving forward?

  30. It is high time we rethought the logic behind Noble peace prizes. it seems to an initiation into imperialistic ideologies.
    The kinddom of Heaven is down by one again.

  31. Uganda was invaded by Christians from the United Kingdom who destroyed your culture, stole your land, forced you to work for their corporations and stripped away your own religions that had served you well for centuries way before Christianity was invented by Constantine.

    Christianity is a religion of genocide. From the time Constantine invented that religion to control the pagans and murder Jews, Christians have enslaved, tortured and murdered people on every continent including all over Africa,

    Christianity is the religion of the Crusades, the 400-year inquisition, 400 years of enslaving Africans, murdering millions of Jews in Europe, murdering native people in the Americas.

    When does one human being have the authority to decide who is human enough for human rights or citizens enough for constitutional rights. If you base heterosupremacist apartheid on a book written by an emperor to kill people you are no better than the enslavers or murderers who have been killing in Jesus’ name for 2012 years.

    Christians illegally invaded Afghanistan to murder Muslims there, Muslims who never did anything to Americans

    No human being has a right to deny any other human being human rights. Everyone is born with the right to human rights and those rights to human rights do NOT end when umbilical cords are cut.

    If you are for denying gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender human beings human rights in Jesus’ name, then you are for slavery, pogroms, inquisitions, holocausts and genocide – crimes against humanity committed by millions of Christians for 2012 years.

  32. I hope the parliament will certainly come out with what is best for all ugandans and the future in general, can we not rush into something that may turn against us in the end! as it is said people make laws but the same people fall calprits and become the hunted! do not get surprised the next day when your son/daughter falls prey to this. don’t get me wrong i wouldn’t want to see my son taking homesexuality path NO GOD Forbid… but come to think of it , what if it happens? come out with what is good for our country especially our young ones .for the future and our hope is in them ,save the children!

  33. ” A chance makes a fool wise” It is by mistake that guy is a bishop he doesn’t have any moral. He one day said ‘I will go a way if zuma becomes the president’ Why is he still there?? Just ignore his sayings, He is a nothingist.

  34. I think the world has gone crazy because i just can’t imagine the so called men of God who are enlightened and conversant with Biblical scriptures skewing God’s demands from a human being who was made in his image. Sodom and Gomorrah happen to have bafallen bse of their evil acts, and here we are witnessing the church leaders who would on the fore front to fight and condem homosexual acts. If i may challange the advocates of homosexual, suppose we all condone it then how shall procreation be achieved fulling the companionship of eve being structured out of a Adam’s rib and next generation.

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