Muntu Warns Of Iron Hand Action Against FDC ‘Rebels’

FDC President Mugisha Muntu

Fiery former army commander Gen. Mugisha Muntu has warned the 360 pro-Mafabi delegates of tough action.

The newly FDC president elect yesterday said that though he hasn’t received any formal petition from the rebellious delegates, he will not sit back and do nothing. “We will not tolerate any ‘impunity’ because whatever happens in the FDC reflects what they are as the biggest opposition party waiting to assume power in 2016.”

“We need to look at ourselves and know who we are. I haven’t received any letter, but FDC is an example and many people out there have confidence in us.  This can’t be allowed in the party,” Muntu said.

The General was making his first appearance on a news conference as the party leader at the head offices in Najjanankumbi.

Muntu was responding to a query about the action he will undertake against a clique of his rival Nandala Mafabi’s delegates who last Friday vowed to subdue from the party work if their grievances were not addressed.

The pro-Mafabi group advocated for the resignation of top officials including Alice Alaso, Dan Mugarura, Anita Among and the General himself.

They accused Alaso of vote rigging by using proxy votes, and cited incompetence by Electoral Commission chairman Mugarura  for having violated the constitution by swearing in Muntu as party president without relinquishing the other slot of secretary for mobilization first.

Muntu responded saying, “I will do two things politically I will listen to their side and forge a way out, because in FDC all voices are heard, technically we will investigate if there was any rigging,” he said.

The man from Ntungamo was quick to refute media claims that the party is in bitter split, but rather called it ‘internal contradiction’. He was hesitant to comment on the rumours that he is the only man who can oust Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

He just smiled saying that he as an eternal political vision for the country even when he is dead.

“You ask me about 2016, I have got a master plan beyond that. I want to be talked about in the history of this country,” he said.

Reported By Nicholas Mwesigwa


12 thoughts on “Muntu Warns Of Iron Hand Action Against FDC ‘Rebels’

  1. Way to go. I remember the coment the General made when he lost to Colonel- he was quoted as having said If he had won Museveni would have not known who is for him or against. Let FDC give Gregor a chance to prove what he is talking. Otherwise to me he is well fitted to give Kags a run for his money.

  2. We can now read the heart of Nandala Mafabi. He needs to come down his supporters for the good of the party Let the general relax because he has all most all qualities of a good leader and therefore suitable to be a flag bearer come 2016. Museveni can only be beaten by Men like Muntu. May God continue to give wisdom to Muntu on how to deal with political issues

    Eyalama general for exhibiting maturity leadership

  3. I honestly admire the virtues and leadership qualities of Gen Muntu. He is a true leader that Uganda can count on. Gen Muntu, come 2016 my vote is yours and I must vote only if you contest. May God bless you and continue guiding you.

  4. Cult leadership is what has caused Ugandans political problems. A man talks about iron fist people clap if he is going to use an iron fist on his own, what is he going to use on his opposition? Wake up Ugandans learn from Egypt, Libya and Iraq. Change must be about real fundamental changes and not a change of guards.
    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity.

  5. What is happening in FDC seems to be a sign of greed and No democracy why do people like others to lead them? Mugisha is now, why is Nandala and group complaining!. These is an indicator of bad tommorow if the Nandala’s are elected.

  6. nandala should step down and give muntu achance to prove himself.,people should learn to accept defeat.

  7. we need to understand something deep before you can take adecision
    nandala is very resourceful person in the party and be sure he knows wat he is doing so have respect for the him.

  8. Am wondering how Uganda is going to be in the hands of FDC,It might be jumping from frying pan to direct fire.with recent iternal conflicts in FDC Camp.

  9. people be realistic and know how to predict the can not start deceiving yourself that muntu can win museveni even when museveni does not campaign .basing on which reasons .what you should know is that African leadership is about selfishness and if voting in fdc was not clear nandala has aright to complain.why did museveni come out and thanked muntu for his success,does it mean muntu is the best person to replace him or he will be the weakest candidate to deal with.people in fdc have personal differences which are digging for them apolitical grave in future, how do you fight your friend in the party because he is trying to guide you .[aloso] .Aloso must be respecting mafabi because he is her leader .let me stop here by assuring all the delegates of fdc that come 2016 if they don’t think twice in voting for aflag bearer and look for the right person who will be admired by the majority, its success will be apolitical dream.mistakes are there but should be corrected.

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