MPs Want Parliament Recalled Over Detained Colleagues

Busiro East MP Medard Segona is leading the campaign to recall Parliament
Busiro East MP Medard Segona is leading the campaign to recall Parliament

A group of members of Parliament is working round the clock to gather signatures required to recall Parliament from recess over the continued detention in Police custody of their colleagues Muhamed Nsereko and Chris Baryomunsi.

Parliament is currently on holiday and is expected to resume business early next year.

A total of 125 signatures are required for Parliament to be recalled and so far the leaders of this move have managed to gather 50.

On Monday, Police arrested Kampala Central Member of Parliament Muhamed Nsereko and Kinkizi East MP Dr Chris Baryomunsi over remarks they made at the funeral of fallen Butaleja woman Member of Parliament Cerinah Nebanda.

Cerinah Nebanda passed away on December 14th at Mukwaya General Clinic in Kampala, a death that has since been shrouded in mystery with questions over what could have led to her demise.

The arrested MPs are alleged to have said they knew who killed their former colleague, according to Police and their detention is to help Police investigations into the death of the MP.

Some Members of Parliament including Betty Nambooze are said to be in hiding for fear of being arrested over the same matter, a situation those pushing for Parliament’s recall are terming as an attack on the legislature

According to Busiro East Medard Segona, one of the legislators leading the efforts for the recall, he says Parliament has got to have an emergency sitting to protect its sovereignty which is under attack from the executive.

While appearing on a radio talk show on Thursday, Segona said the Police was not acting lawfully in keeping his colleagues in detention after the constitutional 48 hours allowed for detention of a suspect had elapsed

On Monday, while addressing the media over the fallen MP, President Museveni asked Police to question the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga over statements she made about the death of Nebanda.

The speaker of Parliament while addressing the media at the funeral of the late Nebanda rejected the autopsy report released by government that discovered that chemicals had been found in the former Butaleja MP.


14 thoughts on “MPs Want Parliament Recalled Over Detained Colleagues

  1. Any MP worth the position should now be contacting the speaker. Ugandans may be in a 3rd world country, but certainly they are watching.

  2. They are not above the law, there is nothing wrong for Police to question those fellows coz they said it in public that they know who killed her so police has the right to question them. our MPs should stop the katemba and do what we sent them to do in parliament.

    1. godfrey do you know the difference between questioning and jailing without trial. Now which police officer should be questioned for breaking the 48 hour jailing without trial

    2. @GEOFFREY- you seem to be living on another planet than any Ugandan is living on.Just check the flow of comments & what they say the compare with what you have just uttered.

  3. So they will continue to sabotage and hide under the armpit of the parliament. let the long arm of law also touch on them.

  4. Unfortunately some MPs have made misleading statements regarding the death of Nebanda. For example, Dr Baryomunsi is quoted by media to have stated that drugs were ruled out as cause of death at the autopsy, although there is no indication that a conclusive drug test had been done. He went on to justify his opinion by stating that Nebanda did not have needle marks on her body, did not experience mood swings or hallucinations as drug users do. This clearly shows that Dr Baryomunsi has limited knowledge about drugs i.e. types, methods of use, effects to users and functions of various drugs.

    Dr Baryomunsi needs to know that Cocaine is snorted / sniffed, Codeine is taken orally in tablet form, Morphine / Heroin can be injected, smoked or swallowed if in tablet form(morphine). In simple terms, not having needle marks on the body would be a lame excuse for ruling out drug use as cause of death without conclusive negative drug test results.

    People should realise that there is a difference between being a drug user and a drug addict. Information in media indicates that the late MP was not a drug addict, however, if it is true that she used Cocaine, Morphine / Heroin, Codeine and alcohol on the same day, this was sufficient to cause her sudden death, more especially if it was her first time to use or she used occasionally. Her body tolerance to the drugs would have been low leading to organ failure.

    I feel ashamed that MPs have jumped to conclusions without getting conclusive negative test results. It is totally inappropriate for anyone in position of authority to mislead the general public by making careless statements. My heart goes out to the family of the deceased, may her soul RIP

    1. @ Eunice just wait for your turn.I thought by being a woman that would make you any better from the rest of other people.Just imagine how your fellow woman is feeling after losing her daughter of that calibre through such unexplained circumstances.After that you can the go ahead & air out something reasonable.

    2. These MPs are funny! They interfere with police and judiciary work and cry when the executive calls them to order. MP Nebanda’s rants in parliament were not signs of braveness rather a sign of distress calling out to be recognized/helped. She had psychological/psychiatrist underlying disorders that can be attributed to drug use. Her weight problems too must have accelerated her quick demise. People the likes of Baryomunsi should not be in parliament but looking after gardens in Kinkizi. I felt ashamed when I heard his empty reasoning.

    3. These so called MPs are not any different, most of them have undercover moves they do, they just use the MP title as a cover!

  5. Someone who knows some law should help me out. If one is doing a private investigation about a private relative or even daughter like it was for nebanda’s family, what crime does that person commit? The government is being elusive here. I would think the government is guilty for the family i would think had a right to find out independently the cause of their daughters death. Now instead of focusing on the reason why people lost confidence in the government, people are only being oppressed

  6. But it it so hurting that the very lawmakers are very law breakers. What is wrong with police interrogating the speaker? Is she above the law? We only know the president as the only person who can only only answer for what he did only when he is no longer in power.So let everyone not attack M7. If you really reject the autopsy test results then prove to us that indeed it is the gov`t who killed this lady. Tell us who,when,with whom, and why killed Nebanda.

  7. These so called MPs must know they are not above the law! U make laws so enjoy while the law catches up with you!

  8. Well put Eunice. Talk of political vultures! What creates a chip on my shoulder is instead of these clowns feeling pitty to their fellow, for them they turn it to be a political pulpit for their cheap mouthed popularity not knowing that they can easily cause unrest! whats wrong with the “good” MPs telling the police or the public how Cerinah died as we all want instead of turning to politcs? Are legislators above the law? Whos Nsereko anyway not to be asked? Poor leaders just!!!

  9. The way the case of the Mysterious death of the late Legislator is handled and the way Government is taking it is awkward and needs serious investigation because he or she who wants to have more knowledge about it is dumped in prison and where those responsible for talking about it as legislators are in position to convene a session meeting the NRM Leaders are objecting.The Question is why and who is that that is refusing the Parliament to be recalled for an Agent needed issue burning in the whole country

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