MP Baryomunsi Stole Nebanda’s Samples – M7

President Yoweri Museveni has warned hat Government will not tolerate MPs fron interfering with Police work
President Yoweri Museveni has warned hat Government will not tolerate MPs  interfering with Police work

President Yoweri Museveni has accused kinkizi East Member of Parliament Dr Chris Baryomunsi of stealing the Late Cerinah Nebanda’s body samples from Mulago Hospital.

The President made this accusation yesterday at State House Nakasero while addressing the media over the death of the former Butaleja woman Member of Parliament who passed away on December 14th at Mukwaya Clinic in Kampala.

This was a day after the burial of the fallen woman Member of Parliament in Butaleja that was marred by chaos as angry mourners blocked government representatives from delivering President Museveni’s condolence message.

Dr Chris Baryomunsi was among those who took part in carrying out the post mortem at Mulago Hospital when Nebanda passed away.

“Baryomunsi who was called in to help the hospital and Police pathologists decided to steal samples together with his colleagues” the President said.

The President also faulted Members of Parliament for going to the mortuary saying it is unheard of for lawmakers to go to the mortuary.

The death of the former vocal MP has since been shrouded in mystery with many disputing the government explanation about her demise.

An autopsy report released on Saturday evening by Ministry of Health Officials revealed that chemicals such as cocaine, heroin and alcohol were found in the blood samples of the deceased, a report that has since been dismissed by her colleagues and family members.

President Museveni however reiterated that government did not kill the late Nebanda saying his NRM government does not kill unarmed enemies.

There have been rumours that the government could have had a hand in the death of the fallen MP but the President rubbished the allegations.

He added that he treated with contempt those spreading such unfounded statements saying they are “idiots, fools”.

The President however, added “that Nebanda was either knowingly or unknowingly in the company of drug users and sellers is incontestable.

President Museveni defended Police’s action of arresting the Doctor hired by the family of the deceased to take body samples to South Africa for further examination.

Dr Sylvestre Onzivua was arrested at Entebbe International Airport on his way to South Africa, however the President said the Doctor was not acting within the law and that is why he was apprehended.

The President concluded by advising Parents to watch the company of their children saying the late Nebanda could have been a victim of bad company.




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  1. The genesis of idiocy originated from the govt.look, unnecessary arrest of Dr.onzivua and now nsereko.threats to arrest MPs who carried out the postmortem,heavy deployment at butaleja, the foolish UK trip then prezos first cant describe idiocy beyond this

    1. you should stop urinating in the sea just because others are doing it, just learn to analyze things beyond the mirror, don’t be led by ”greedy caped MPs” who think seeking sympathetic quotations using sugar coated news so that people like you just read and conclude, sorry but wake up man! the police should continue with its constitutional mandate and so should the MPs

  2. Your Excellency, take this easy and allow the Police to do their professional investigations… You are misusing your authority to intimidate citizens and wanting things only your view… How on earth can you fault MPs for going to the Mortuary? Even Jesus went to where bodies lay and why not MPs? Your reactions to the investigation path have raised more concerns than the death itself… Please don’t show the whole world that you have a monopoly of getting “annoyed”….

  3. Well said Tim, HE thinks he has the monopoly of making the face ugly…my frd president,some of us can look more scaring than u can imagine. The president shld nt be fooled that his the onbly one wth anger,nw uve seen ppo who tear cheques…if u thot money was aweapon…abantu bakowu.

  4. Dear President Museveni, I do not think that you as a president should have uttered such words of an insane mind. How can your government say that Nebanda was involved in drug abuse.


  5. I have not yet identified any motive why the Gov would target the Late Hon Nebanda. But i can for sure say that, the possible main targets for Gov now would be Kiiza Besigye, Mugisha Muntu, Kony, Jamilu Mukulu etc. I dont see any rewards for the Gov in killing Cerena Nebanda, Ssekikubo, Lukwago or Nserenko. Even simple criminals first do risk assessment before indulging in any criminal activity (I dont think the Gov is so daft not to do that). In risk assessment, criminals weight the cost of committing a particular offence against the rewards. If the cost outweights the reward, then the whole idea is abandoned completely.
    Ask yourself this question, How many vocal MPs have we had in Uganda since NRM came to power? How many have we lost in similar circumustances? Why do we then think Hon Nebanda should be the first victim of this so called new Gov “modus operandi” (poison) ???
    I think what we need to do is strengthening the capacity perfomance of our investigative arm in the police force. We also need to regulate all their conducts and activities during an investigation. This will may be help to regain public trust in police and their investigation results. We need a democratic police force responsive to the needs of the communities they serve. A force that is accountable, transparent and professional.

    1. Kamara, Look at the events as they unfolded. The first crime scene should have been munyonyo and the cell phones, and or data through the cell phones. Has government come up with any of that? I guess you are not aware that Major General Mugisha Muntu was supposed to be dead by now, along side Sabiiti, if it was not for a third person joining them on the table at the parliamentary canteen, and that was when he was still in parliament. Sekandi was tasked to investigate that issue, but i think he was scared off by the mafias, and he bucked off. If Nebanda wasn’t the target, then believe you me, she was a sacrificial lamb, as the bait landed on the wrong number. Never the less, some one was meant to die an that is what becomes important. Who is poisoning our people? Rather than M7 scaring people around, he should have given a directive for the Dr. to expeditiously do his work. That would have brought sanity back to the allegations. But he “missed a point”.

    2. Kamara, don’t be naive. Having no history of a known hardliner being killed does not imply that all is good. A regime such as this is capable of committing such as this. I think before the fall of Hosni In Egypt, Elections were held faithfully but that did not mean that Egypt was democratic as per events last year.
      Kamara this regime has outlasted its usefulness and what you see now are kicks of a dying Horse. FOR GOD & OUR COUNTRY!

    3. yes your contribution is wonderful, but we should also have MP’s who are productive than destructive, in fact the politicians should stop seeking cheap favors from common minded people, give the public constructive transformation economically socially and politically not relying on sugar coated sympathetic news titles to brain wash the public.
      this will enable the security organs stick to their professional ethics as mandated

  6. M7 stop panicking. The actions and statements you are engaging prove guilt.
    1 When you went to Namirembe for the conscration of Ntaga;i you did not memtion Nebanda, you thought it will go away. Whuch leader would have missed to convey shock then!
    2. When suddenly comments started flowing in you run to the family house that you now wanted to convey condolences
    3 Then you issued statements that NRM did not kill her
    4 Then you issued statements intimidating anyone who spoke of the crime you committed
    5 Then you order the arrest of the pathologist
    6 Your wife then claims you are innocent
    7 Then you issue statements that Nabenda took drugs
    8 Then you order arrest of Members of parliament

    being a simple psychology student I detect guilt in your actions.

    Why are you panicking so much?

  7. There is nothing hidden under the sun that shall not be reaveled.One day the truth will come out its a matter of time.Equally as i agree with you about Nabanda’s bad group the missing link here is the so called drugs might have been a dirty game made by the boyfriend after maybe taking her money and not wanting to pay back let the police look seriously into this.Most Mps take big loans and this Mr. sharp boyfriend might have used this small girl to get him money and then eliminate her.The investigating team should be more focused.

  8. It is amazing when the president tells UG that Baryomunsi stole the body parts. First Nebanda wasnt Kaguta’s daughter. Museveni has his children. When they die he should make sure no one stills their body parts. Yet if the MP took the parts, he had better intentions that Museveni. In any case I hope Baryo hasnt stolen the body tissues to go and eat them. Actually Kaguta’s boys should be quick or else he will have eaten the parts by the time they get there. Rubish

  9. Mr President please where has your patience gone that you came with in 1986? People accused you of many things but you won them over. Are you finally being real and the rest was a cover up? Which Museveni should we believe? You claim to have introduced the rule of law where people are free to air their opinions.Is it over? Are you going to fight everyone who does not believe you? Then who will be around to listen and believe you. Even Jesus does not fight those who reject his report and in the end he wins them to his side. He keeps loving them.

  10. We need to give the NRM govt a benefit of doubt. I don’t think the govt can kill such a small MP, she was not a treat to the NRM at all, in fact she was doing a good Job for the NRM govt , and the NRM govt need such a vocal person. Having said that her death will open NRM and it might cause a big break way. There are mafias in NRM that Museveni doesn’t about and they always do what ever they want , now Museveni has a chance to get those mafias to book. In fact if he fails to bring them to book it will mean he has failled NRM and everything he says will not win he the 2016 election. I can see us going back with museveni to the bush to fight again after the 2016 election, just watch the space, NRM will not let mafias destroy the peace we fought for. For and my Country

    1. probably the new strategy is to clear the so called little mps/upcoming politicians so as to clear the basement for the opposition.(clear foundation).because these little people are the young ones that can easily mobilise civilians esp the youth(eg makerere students, kikuubo idlers,owino vendors/idlers)etc.govt cant touch the big oppoistion faces /known faces bacause they are already exposed and situation would be 110%more suspicious that it may appear with the little ones.#smooth operation.
      m7 may not even know about nebanda’s death but he cetainly knows that his undercover mafias had something to do with it (in conjuction with nebanda’s lover)and hes gotta protect them.remember the case of the secret service guy that sprayed besigye’s eyes?he was never meant to be revealed but the paparazzi were quick to capture pics..he had to reelocate and get a new life.once a mafia is exposed to public,then he is nolonger a govt ally coz they cant trust anyone in politics.

  11. tricks are almost finished. this kind of killing by the govt is drawing to an end. i don’t think govt will ever convince any following this that it never had a hand in it. we are now watching on what is going to happen to Hon Baryomunsi and colleagues.

  12. MP Biryomunsi Stole Nebanda’s Body Sample.
    But who stole the money which donor countries give to Ugandans.
    Can M7 also address the world about it,as he has done after his member passed on.
    Can all people around him mentioned in donor money saga be told the same way as those on Nebanda’ saga.
    Talk about a tone of poison imported from S.Korea in the 80s by NRM, which some ex-NRA-military intellegence officers in diasporra claim to be at work today.
    The Ugandan Police like in any other country,can fail to do their job independently and so they can hire experts. We have seen even in european countries Police fails to handle matters proficiently and they are told to change. “Stephen Lawrence’s saga”httpsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss:// and Plebgate saga”httpsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss://

    1. Well said Mandure! The REAL thieves are out there, still safely tucked away. …Some of them might now be relieved that poor Nebanda’s situation has now overshadowed the debates and anger that the country displayed for weeks over such thefts. I think Cerina would be happy for right-thinking Ugandans to keep the fight (her fight) on corruption in the limelight. Let’s not forget!

  13. The president knows Something .
    He can’t tell people what to say and where to say it .
    Shame on them .

  14. Please Mr. Museveni don’t continue irritating the Ugandans with your lies and focused views about the departed Celinah Nebanda because What Dr Cris Baryomunsi did was in order as agreed by a team of professionals because of shame you are trying to tern everything into a confusion.

  15. Muzeyi is right and if you think he is wrong then go to hell. Who the hell are u to contest muzeyi’s vision ? Remember there is one CEO who has vision in Uganda. The rest of you should always wait for Muzeyi’s vision. Muzeyi’s I know you are right Baryomunsi stole the samples he has a history of stealing Bananas when he was in primary school. Ask his headmaster in primary school . I don’t know what we’d do if muzeyi wasn’t around to bust liars who are against Peace. Muzeyi tell us when is Brigadier standing as SG for movement because he is da only one I see as a potential presidential candidate after you. Long live MZEE the only visionary leader ?

  16. How i wish a similar story was on with the name at the centre changed to one of the first family daughters! Its only then that we would test the president’s consistency. Then we would believe he isn’t acting a true African Dictator.

  17. Seriously people try not to reason in a bandwagon but use logic because i believe anyone out there has a mind of own. what do you think the Govt can gain by having a hand in the death of Mp Nebanda? Why does it have to be the Govt? Was there no one who had an upper hand in that death? how many leaders have we had who have made comments against the Govt and still living? Who has proof that the Govt had a hand in that death? Are you basing on assumptions? Or are you just going by hearsays? coming out and uttering something you have to have evidence,so has any of the above or anyone yet to comment has proof that the Govt had a hand?before you throw a stone ask yourself if your sure with evidence that the Govt did because behind that word GOVERNMENT there are people who pray to God just as you do. Remember never believe everything you hear or read,cause its full of dirty tricks and may corrupt your mind. Listen to your conscience and get the answer in there but not by looking for an instant person to blame……reason people

  18. Flesh will return to flesh,dust to dust if mu7 thinks he will escape death,he should create his own heaven.Ugandans are actually so tired with the killings of innocent ugandans.Amin would not do such a thing but do it in the light.HE,God is watching and our creator is paying you back and its time you realised it immediately…and stepped down.Amen


  20. Your excellency you don’t have to try to explain everything to this idiots and fools who think they can fool others.Indeed it’s unfortunate a young promising politician falls into evil traps of success.
    Mr president would just the police or concerned authorities deal with these people who think the law starts and ends with them.And Mr.President you don’t have to convince them to tow right path,let the law takes its cause.Let common sense prevail happy new year.

  21. All said,but wait 4 da truth.hope mzee gets out of it clean.ugandans 2 be honest mzee cant stoop so low…not nebanda.

  22. Museveni is confusing Ugandans regarding the thick cloud surrounding the death of Nebanda. One Acheng Director of Health Services admitted that Dr. Onzivua had permission to proceed to South Africa for independent testing of the samples of Nebanda!! Museveni and his clowns could not hear of this and had the Dr. Onzivua thrown into gaol!! All these actions show that there is a cover up!! Why is Museveni and his henchemen very interested in this matter? They are the only ones to give the public an indisputable report!! There are many people who died during this regime and no reports are made public. Where is the Kayiira report, Nobel Mayombo, Tom Julunga, Ayume, Waphakabulo etc!! Museveni many not have participated in the killing of Nebanda BUT his mafias might have had a hand!! Whoever killed the young legislator, will one day pay for their sins.

  23. Mp Nabenda was a lousy person,she had not yet realised her being vocal required her warry of public places.One thing she was supposed to watch keenly included eating places,pubs and her associates. Let the mum swallow pride and accept her daugter was a spoilt child.As soon as she entered Parliament she started making noise looking for Capital “B”. She have should have read the story of Dry banana leaves and the fresh one.

    Do you remember an incident when herself and the boyfriend got involved in an accident when they were drunk. I had the other day Hon.Kadaga saying that she knows her MPS very well,those who drink and those who dont. Its a shame that our beloved speaker is behaving like the Ssekikubo way. Madam leave thugs alone

    1. Who are you fooling Mike, you’re definitely working for them. I wonder how you people can live with yourselves without conscious. May God forgive you.

  24. Who are these drug dealers? Her boyfriend who was introduced by Bahati? What is the government doing about bringing them in for questioning?

  25. we are tired of M7 being every body of the gov’t. let him go.he is only a dictator clinging onto power an he alse knows caz he once said the problem with african leader is staying long.he is waiting to go Gaddafi style!!

  26. Nabenda or someone had to die to divert and ultimately temporarily stop the domestic, regional and international focus on the OPM grand theft investigations in Parliament and the pertaining discussions in the press. Now, triumphantly, the focus will for several weeks to come be on Nebanda’s death and the ridiculous government responses, and the president’s shameful outbursts.

  27. Dimensionally indeed! and you are all busy commenting. who was Nebanda to government?
    what threat did she poses over government thieving programs.. almost none. that’s how this regime has worked over the years..

    Think first before you waste time analyzing wolokoso.. Nebanda was just sacrificial and dimensionally. this time, as the press focuses on this, Bank of Uganda could be being robbed! And this, you poor guys will realize 3 to 5 years later. STYLE UP!

    God Bless our nation.

  28. frank i totally agree wit you.govt is definitely after something.the death of cerinah has so many implications.either d scam in opm was about 2 get 2 some big guns up there so she had 2 b sacrificed or this legislator were about to unearth some thing serious thats why they r being arrested

  29. I am one of those few Ugandans who want to believe that
    government had no hand in the death of Hon. Nebanda. But the way president
    Museveni is macro-managing the Nebanda saga is doing his Government
    disservice. First, the IGP gives a ‘Postmortem’ report before the an autopsy is
    done! The youthful Mp had died of drugs’ A claim that was later to be collaborated with a ‘UK report’. Then enter President Museveni in his infamous Press briefing on Nebanda’s death. He tells us the invents that occurred immediately after the death
    of Nebanda. He said he ordered Kaihura to interview so and so… blur-blur. And
    that samples were sent to ‘a UK lab which they normally deal with’. During the
    requiem service, Dr. Chris Baryomusi states how the President called him immediately
    after he made his statement and blasted him for his reckless statement. He also
    called Kayihura after he made his statement. The arrest of Dr. Onzivua, and the
    claim that he ‘stole’ body parts; a senior
    pathologist who The Right Hon. Kadaga admits to have sanctioned to take samples
    to S.Africa. The tough-talking president at a press conference laboring to deny
    its hand in the death of Nebanda and threatening to arrest any one who talks
    about Nebanda’s death, the arrest of Hon. M. Nsereko and Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomusi
    and now blocking the road leading to Nebanda’s home. The All these actions
    implicate Government and shades it in bad light. The next we shall hear is
    arresting Ms Alice Namulwa, the mother to the late Nebanda.

  30. Your Excellency President Museveni have you forgotten that your are leading the People of God in Uganda who gave the Commandment that Thou Shalt not tell lies Why Are You lying Ugandans that Dr Baryomusni stole Body Samples of Late Celinah Nebanda.The More you tell lies the more Celinah Nebanda becomes a heroine and Finally You will find yourself in a Situation worse than that King Pharaoh of the Biblical Tough Rule who Ended being dawned in the Red Sea.

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