Ministry Of Health Okayed Nebanda Organs Movement

The letter authorising the pathologistto go to South Africa
The letter authorising the pathologist
to go to South Africa

THE PARLIAMENTARY Committee on Health Affairs which is handling investigations into the death of Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda yesterday stormed the Kireka based Special Investigations Unit (SIU) demanding for the immediate release of Dr. Silvester Onzivua.

The legislators led by Chris Baryomunsi, Kasiano Wadri, Dr Medard Bitekyerezo, Sam Lyomoki and Abdu Katuntu stormed the office of SIU boss, Betia Chelimo and demanded the immediate release of the pathologist. “Madam, we are giving you 30 minutes to release this suspect or else we shall sleep here. We have all the evidence and the letter that authorised him to take the samples to South Africa. We don’t know why you’re detaining him,” said Baryomunsi

However, Chelimo could not even allow them to access her office and refused to release the pathologist saying that she needed to first consult her bosses. “I can’t release the suspect. This man will first appear before court and be charged with abuse of office and absconding from duty under the Anti-Corruption Act.

I cannot release him now, neither can I take him to court before I get orders from authorities above me,” said Chelimo. Workers MP Sam Lyomoki told Chelimo that he was among the people opposed to rumours that government was behind the killing of Nebanda. “I was one of the people opposed to the public perception that Government had an upper hand in the death of our colleague. But basing on what I am seeing and the way they are protecting the investigations, I strongly believe that government had an upper hand in our colleague’s death,” narrated Lyomoki. Security on Tuesday seized body organs of the fallen legislator.

The organs which included parts of liver, Pancreas and Lungs were confiscated at Entebbe International Airport by security operatives from Dr. Silvester Onzivua, a Pathologist at Mulago Referral Hospital.

Police carry Nebanda's body after debate
Police carry Nebanda’s body after debate

Onzivua was pulled out of the checking in line for the 7:00am South African Airways flight registration number SA 161 as he ‘attempted to smuggle the body parts’ to South Africa without permission, Police said. “He was arrested at Entebbe Airport, while in possession of the samples and is at the moment in Police custody, to assist in establishing why he violated the laid down procedures and regulations,” Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said in a statement MoH Allowed Pathologist To Travel

However, it emerged yesterday that the Ministry of Health okayed Onzivua to travel to South Africa. The MPs yesterday presented to Police a letter written by the Director General of Health Services, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng allowing Onzivua to travel to South Africa. “Reference is made to your letter dated December 17, 2012 concerning taking samples removed from the late Hon. Nebanda Cerinah to South Africa for an independent toxicological analysis. This is to authorise you to take the said accordingly. “You should deliver the results to this office on your return,” Aceng said in the letter, reference ADM 71/342/01.

13 thoughts on “Ministry Of Health Okayed Nebanda Organs Movement

  1. Who drafted this letter for Dr Achen`s signature? Read the 1st setence!!!! Did she proof read the draft??

    1. whats wrong with it,i think a team of parliament,Police,and doctors had written to Min of health requesting to go to south africa to carry out test that very day and Dr Acieng responded immediately.

  2. So it is possible somebody in government doesn’t want the people to know who murdered this young woman. God bless our Uganda.

  3. the government is like an ostrich that hides its head under d sand n leaves its whole body outside.thnx 4 reviling d truth to us by stopping silvester.

  4. Thats our Government, some of us used to hear about AMIN killing people in cold blood now we are seeing it, we shall also now have stories to tell our grand’s about this regime. We just need to pray for our country. but even if you kill a person, we shall all die so what’s wrong with people, no one will stay on this earth. soon or later we shall die and follow those that they killed. So Government and police this time you have lost it, but why are you too scared with un armed civilians.

  5. Malice in the heart ends in murder by the hands. People murder People, Their own brothers and Sisters, our very own citizens, whom we ought to have loved; our very own, whom we ought to have protected; a good brother or sister, who had never done us any wrong or harm. What fatal effects were these of our first parents’ sin, and how must their hearts have been filled with anguish! Observe the pride, unbelief, and impenitence of the Killer. Who denies the crime, as if they can conceal it from God. They (Killer’s) try to cover a deliberate murder with a deliberate lie. Murder is a crying sin. Blood calls for blood, the blood of the murdered for the blood of the murderer. I pray that God., My God will give this family and other’s that may have lost their loved ones the same way or thru Human sacrifices that our top politicians never mention the Due JUSTICE. Amen.

  6. I do not think that the public is that naive or for that matter everybody is a government mole. You remember when Kirunda Kiveijinja said that Besigye came with spray pepper and a hummer to atomizer the police. This is the same scenario. Why would the government chose to take a family relative without the consent of the family member. Is it not beat your understanding that, the government was also taking suspicious movies? Take a look on previous experienceS; Dr Andrew Lutakome Kayiira, the motive was money in Dr Henry Gombya’s house, then a BBC Correspondent. Francis Ayume, the wreckage of the car flew to Ndeeba. In Brian Bukenya’s case, the wreckage of the car flew to Kibuli. They are going to issue so many fake statements. A Luganda adage; that; “Owempaka Akunama Ebiri.”

  7. Clearance from the PM’s office, Speaker of Parliament and Police was also a requirement. The doctor seemed to be in a rush.

  8. seriously ugandans are not fools and can’t taken for granted we donot only need cerinah’s report but also mayombo’s and kazini let it be published in the national gazzette thats when we will be satisfied

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