Besigye Takes Ingrid’s Blood Samples To South Africa

FDC Strong Woman Ingrid Turinawe says her life is in danger
FDC Strong Woman Ingrid Turinawe says her life is in danger

Opposition Top Dog Col. Kizza Besigye has ordered his personal doctor to take FDC women league leader Ingrid Turinawe’s blood samples to South Africa for poison tests, Red Pepper can authoritatively reveal.

Ingrid who spoke to a Red Pepper reporter last night insisted that her life is in danger after the State allegedly poisoned her maid who died a few months back.

“I survived because at the time I would be out on by-elections, but my maid inhaled much because those ‘guys’ would spray poison at my home,” she said on phone.

Ingrid added that her personal doctor prescribed the medication which she has been on for now close to 5 months but there have been no improvements to her condition.

“I have swallowed drugs, I am tired, but I still need my life because we have to overthrow this regime,” she said.

Asked what the next step could be since the medication is not bringing any change, Ingrid said that Dr. Besigye has ordered his personal doctor to fly the blood samples to South Africa which has well equiped laboratories and she was optimistic the specialists there would establish the infection, the kind of poison and the possible medication to work on it.

“Preparations are over and the Doctor will take the samples to South Africa, I really need to find out the kind of poison because my life has been tormented. I no longer move, I am weak,” she said in a frail tone.

Ingrid said she is ready to expose the State for it has now resorted to poisoning whoever rises up to tackle issues that hurt Ugandans.

She added that she will show the media the results as soon as they are here in about three weeks.

“I will show the world the results from samples, you know this dictatorial regime is fond of denying but I will expose them,” she vowed.

In a related development her ‘close comrade’ in the struggle Kizza Besigye has spent a month in the USA frequenting hospitals after a skin infection hit him.

Besigye while speaking to a local newspaper said he feared the State had clandestinely initiated a move to eliminate him by using poison which they sprayed on him during last year’s popular walk-to-work protests.

In a separate interview two months ago, Besigye told this newspaper that after he beat water tight security at his residence, a security operative sprayed a toxic chemical which caused him illness, body rush and flu.

Besigye went to USA mid this month to celebrate the festive season with his family but sources say his health is scaring.

“Though it’s his routine to enjoy Christmas with his family, this time it a sad story, he went early seeking medical attention and till now he is still visiting hospitals,” a source said.

Report By Nicholas Mwesigwa

24 thoughts on “Besigye Takes Ingrid’s Blood Samples To South Africa

  1. its absad that all those things are happening but am optimistic that there is always a way out for every,,,situation. quick recovery,,,my “sister”

  2. Turinawe is talking as if she has known the results already. what if the results say a different thing what will u say? maybe u have some mupango with that clinic.

    1. it seems there is something in southafrica why there is no other country doing the same job

  3. How can you just sit there and tell lies? Why would the government try to poison you or Basigye?
    It is fair and right to be opposition but you should go to low trying to sell crap to the people or peasants. The President is right people like you are so low that you can poison and kill people if your type descend to power. I hope and pray for the sake of innocent unsuspecting majority, you become a wasted past.

  4. Well Ash Nesca, you may be right. But I do not think you know M7 more than Besigye. As Paul Bishanga said above, Ugandans are so poor that they can accept to do anything to live for a day. Besides, M7 does not accept views that are opposed to his esp. if you had been within his circle for years. If the poor woman (Ingrid) was from the wrong tribe you would say she is craving for past glory. These are people who had been with govt. for close to 20years but realized that the direction govt. is taking is not good for Uganda composed of many tribes. It is a real pity to wish her to become a “wasted past”. That is too callow my dear friend. Nonetheless, I wish you the best in all your endeavors in life now and tomorrow.

  5. Jesus was denied by Peter, Muntuyera was dining with Obote while Gregory his son was a rebel with Museveni, Gadhafi was a king of kings in Africa but his remains were not worth to hang on a girikiti. As you defend Museveni’s today, you will deny him tomorrow. Take my word, his body will not reach the girikiti. It is wise to rule for a while and leave when you are still loved.

  6. igrid lost a campaign in the last elections, she is lookin for cheap popularity by disorganising uganda. you and besigye cant rule this country, your both inconsistent and hypocritic,you do not even know what politics is about you only know to cause mayhem.

  7. Since Politics is a dirty game full suspicions and conspiracy theories, what if recent unexplained events in Uganda’s political arena have more to them than what meets the eye? Trying my luck at cynicism here, so help me God! The lovely Colonel (Besigye) has intimated to us before that he has 90% support with in the armed and security forces, in fact he was best man to the chief of intelligence services (something like that), he is a sympathizer of a former military intelligence services and Another former ISO boss ( both men now are embattled with allegations of misconduct and one can assume they are not on good terms with M7) and the col has publicly come to their defense recently.
    There is another fact that most of the FDC big wings are former bush war fighters who were at high ranks with in the then NRA and have all Fallen out with M7 prior to turning opponents.

    It has been alleged that in order to turn the masses against Obote and Amin, the NRA and FRONASA tactically killed civilians and blamed the deaths on their opponents in order to win civilian and international support.

    Given that the colonel has, 90% support with security and armed organs of government, support from former comrades in the NRA, increased frustration with in the electoral process, the fact that an armed rebellion might not be successful and is too risky, could we be seeing a change of tactics like in the bush war where as alleged by some in opposition, people were killed by the very people they supported in order to tarnish the then governments’ reputation in order to win more support within the civilian population and the international community?
    Realistically, all ‘suspicious’ deaths within government ranks and especially with in vocal politicians, are of less benefit to the government than to the opposition.
    In which case the opposition sacrifices one supporter / sympathizer and gains thousands more. (THIS IS JUST A CONSPIRACY THEORY FROM AN INDEPENDENT MINDED OBSERVER! AND IT Is JUS ASKING ‘A WHAT IF QUESTION’) make up your Mind!!

  8. Get well soon Arinaitwe! We are sorry that the land we love and cherish has become no cross area for freedom fighters!

  9. I hope these guys are not faking for the sake soiling the government because that is already a trace of bad leadership. Lie is a natural character of the devil that he invented himself. Anyone who lies is following the footsteps of his father. For some of us we are praying for only God fearing Leaders, Amen.

  10. @Ash nesca, today is me tomorrow is someone else wait you turn is there. it seems you cannot look through a clear glass of water in front of you

  11. Ingrid, there is no reason to Punic, Museveni is a parent who has brought us from far, and still has a longterm dream for uganda, so be open n be helped. i personally have no Ugandan job but still have hope in regime.

  12. I think some thorough investigations should be put on the tear gas that is used by the police.
    It could be one that contains poisonous chemicals.

  13. if u are good people will find ways of spoiling ur name but all we know God still LOVES him and he will continue to rule us . don’t even see any wrong he has really done. I Just pray hard he should continue to rule us till God says its enough for him coz what he has done is soo grate to the hands of God

  14. Never mind such attention seekers. Let him take his also since he has been in prison and taken in a lot of tear gas. Ha ha! At the moment we are dealing with Nebanda’s case. Next time let him not forget Nebandas samples.

  15. Reminds me of the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko by the Russian agents. The use of Polonium or in short 210Po has seen the re-emrgence of Nuclear terrosrism.It takes long before it kills but ravages the body systema and cant be easily treated.
    Sorry Ingrid hope you recover fully.

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