UN Extends AU Somalia Mandate

AU Forces on patrol in Somalia

The United Nations   Security Council has extended the mandate for  an African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia for another four months days after Uganda threatened to pull out her troops over claims it is aiding rebels in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The council extended the AMISOM peacekeeping mission for four months, instead of the usual 12. The deadline had expired at the end of October.

This comes a day after a deadly car bomb exploded on Wednesday near the country’s parliament building in the capital Mogadishu, police said. While it was not clear who was responsible, Mogadishu has frequently been targeted by al Shabaab.

Somalia wants help strengthening its poorly equipped and often ill-disciplined military that is more of a loosely affiliated umbrella group of rival militias than a cohesive fighting force loyal to a single president.

There are 17,600 U.N.-mandated peacekeepers helping battle the Islamist rebels in Somalia. Ugandan troops make up more than a third of those peacekeepers, but they have threatened to withdraw in protest over accusations made in a U.N. report.

The confidential report, which was leaked to news agency Reuters, calls for sanctions on those who violated an arms embargo.

Even though Uganda has publicly stated its threat to withdraw troops from peacekeeping missions unless the report is changed, though U.N. Security Council diplomats said a Ugandan delegation that came to New York last week did not formally raise the matter.

In September, Somalia inaugurated President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud – elected in the first vote of its kind since 1991, when Barre was ousted by the warlords, leaving the African nation without an effective central government.


4 thoughts on “UN Extends AU Somalia Mandate

  1. Do not withdraw like americans who were defeated in the 90s instead defend our country what i know the west is looking for m7 ‘s downfall bt we will overcome them

  2. Americans were not defeated,it was a humanitarian assistance operation,not military by u.s. Who can defeat USA?

    1. @tumusiime why do u think America cannot be defeated. they have been crushed so many times for example the 1950 Korea war, 1962 Vietnamese war ,1992 the black hock down mission in Somalia, even to day instead of crushing terrorism it is otherwise rising with the likes of al qaida, Taliban, al shabab , Hezbollah, boko harm and some states like north Korea and iran have challenged the USA.

  3. Mr,Obulu,u need to do more reseach about wars, when updf,pulled out of congo,did not mean were defeated,for your imfo,usa now is fighting a 21 st cencury wars,using hi tech weapons,to minimise their dead. Bse they are rich,so they use,their cash,as ashop owner,hires aguard. just thank the americans,if was not them,by now bashir would have castrated u.

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