Ugandan Terrorism Suspects Say F.B.I. Interrogators Beat Them

Police and witnesses help carry one of the 7/11 WorlCupFinale bombing victims in Kampala

Four terrorism suspects charged with killing 76 people in Uganda in 2010 say they were physically abused by F.B.I. agents, an international rights organization reported Tuesday.

The suspects said men who identified themselves as F.B.I. agents beat them during interrogations in 2010 and 2011 in Uganda, the Open Society Justice Initiative said in a report.

The report looks at how the governments of Kenya, Uganda, the United States, and the United Kingdom responded to the 2010 World Cup bombing in Kampala, Uganda. The counterterrorism actions that followed the bombing were characterized by human rights violations, including allegations of arbitrary detention, unlawful renditions, physical abuse, and denial of due process rights.

In examining these abuses and the parties responsible for them, the report argues that Kenya, Uganda, and the Western countries that support them must thoroughly investigate the alleged abuses, and must pursue counterterrorism activities that do not entail human rights violations.

The report was produced by the Open Society Justice Initiative and is supported by the East Africa Law Society, the Kenyan Section of the International Commission of Jurists, and the Pan African Lawyers Union

One suspect, Selemi Hijar Nyamandondo, said an interrogator hit him in the eye, causing his glasses to break, his eye to bleed and making him collapse. Omar Awadh Omar said he was punched and slapped by men who said they were F.B.I. agents.

An F.B.I. spokesman in Washington called the accusations without merit. “When investigating cases overseas, all F.B.I. personnel operate within the guidelines established by the attorney general as well as all other applicable laws, policies and regulations,” said the spokesman, Paul Bresson.

– The New York Times

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  1. It is right to justify those who dont know between good and bad so we need to do that inorder to promote justice…….

  2. Mray, you are about right. They blow up innocent people and expect not even to be touched.
    What are they whining about ? If demonstrators are beaten senseless for demanding their rights(some are killed) what do they expect, a red carpet? they can get that from their masters. They have the audacity to complain!!

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