Princess Komuntale introduces fiancé

Princess Komuntale looking radiant at her give-away ceremony

Phew! Finally, the long a waited Introduction of Princess Komuntale has successfully taken place without a glitch. There was a lot jubilation at Omujweera Musuuga’s home as Princess Komuntale introduced her fiancé to her family. Girls looked regal in their traditional wear while guys shone in Kanzus.

The weather was bright and the mood was very jovial in morning hours in Gweri, , Burahya county almost 8 Kms from Fort Portal town where princess Komuntale Ruth Nsemere was introducing her fiancé, Thomas Christopher to the elders and royal family.

The big do was hosted by Komuntale’s paternal uncle, Charles Kayondo Kamurasi, traditionally known as Omujweera Musuuga. The highly attended ceremony known as ‘Okujumbira’ was attended by who is who in Tooro Kingdom. Though there was a lot of jubilation @ Musugga’s residence, outside was business as usual, people were going on with their date to date activities and you could hardly tell something big was taking place in Gwere village.

The Do
Guests started trekking in as early as 8:00am and by 11:00am all the six tents well filled to capacity.

At around mid day, Thomas (the groom) and his entourage clad in kanzus and holding walking sticks, which according to Batooro is a sign of a real gentleman, arrived and were ushered in their seats by beautiful ushers. The opening Prayer was led by Bishop Reuben Kisembo, Bishop, of
Rwenzori Diocese.

The groom, Christopher, receiving gourds of milk as per tradition

The rituals
the groom’s entourage was later led to the house where a group of beautiful girls served them milk in clay jars locally known as ‘ebisaabu’ which is a sign of hospitality and welcoming them to their home.

The rest of the visitors were also served milk in glasses and offered dried coffee beans which is sign of cementing the bond between the two families.


The guests were entertained by Makondere dancers – (royal dance), Nyoregi boys, abasegu and Ntuuha Drama performers.

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  1. Woooooow princess you looked stunning!Just know u r the luckiest woman on earth!!Wish u well and may the Almighty Lord keep u en guide u well throughout!!!!

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