Obama Supports M7 On Somalia

The United States of America has assured President Yoweri Museveni of its full support. This was revealed during a meeting between Museveni and the visiting American Under-Secretary of State, Ms. Wendy Sherman, who called on him at State House, Entebbe.

Ms. Sherman’s two-day visit to Uganda came after her tour of the African continent that has already taken her to South Africa, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She is also expected to visit Kenya and Ethiopia before she concludes her continent tour.

Museveni and his guest delved into the issues of the Great Lakes Region. Museveni said that Uganda is committed to supporting the restoration of peace and stability in the region despite the ongoing negative stance portrayed in the media.

Ms. Sherman commended the President for his efforts in establishing security, stability, peace and development in Uganda and also for his participation in the peace process in Somalia, South Sudan and DRC as well as flushing out the LRA rebels.

She said that Uganda has enormous opportunities in attracting vast investment capital adding that this advantage can be further enhanced by ensuring that a well educated work-force is in place, the bureaucratic system made easier without forgetting continued stability and security.

The American diplomat said that the US appreciates Museveni’s contribution to the stabilization of Somalia, adding that her country also looks forward to continued collaboration and working together with Uganda within the framework of the African Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) to establish a stable government and a professional army in Somalia.

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  1. Even Mubaraka was a US darling who contributed so much to peace in the middle east but at the end of day the Americans paid him hypocritically.

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