Mulago Crisis: ICU Closed, Five Die

Five people have died at Mulago National Referral Hospital, Uganda, following the closure of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) because of a failed machine.

The closure of the unit has mostly affected patients of pneumonia, head injuries, heart and kidney failure prompting the hospital officials to turn away patients. “Those who had money sought services elsewhere those who didn’t have to wait for God to decide their fate,” the source added.

Mulago Hospital, which serves as Uganda’s main hospital and was constructed in 1962, is now a run-down relic as most of the original equipment is still in use at the facility.

However, the hospital’s Executive Director, Dr Byarugaba Baterana recently told the press that the equipment at the unit was too old and needed to be replaced. Another source at the hospital stated that the facility need Shs3 billion for new equipment.

The question then is, “Where did the $56 million loan procured by the hospital in February from the African Development Bank disappear to?”

Mr Enock Kusasira, the hospital spokesperson, dismissed the deaths saying they were not ICU-related since the patients did not die from the unit. He also added that the machines were lacking only filters which are an important component in the ICU and also protect patients from germs and infections. He said there was a procurement delay but that the filters were expected in the next two weeks.

Without a filter, a patient cannot be put on a ventilator which is usually used by patients who are not able to breathe normally or sufficiently.




7 thoughts on “Mulago Crisis: ICU Closed, Five Die

  1. Common sense mr. spokesman, no one has died at the ICU because it is closed!

    On the other hand, unless government demonstrates commitment to fight graft, it will be a waste of time and resources cry over ills like the ICU in a national referral hospital clossing! We have to do somethinig to wake the government up!

  2. The back bone of management is planning and especially in cases of emergencies for structures like the hospitals.
    Secondly how was the loan money used,does the management know about priorities?
    Does the goverment also know that you need healthy soldiers and police to enable them flog people and carry AK 47s to shoot children and tear gas pregnant women in the taxis.
    Do they think these human torture weapons they use can afford Kampala hospital for themselves and relatives?

  3. Aiibambe poor Ugandans! Does M7 know about this. You put up a colourful ‘Dependence’ jubilee to show Uganda has ‘Independent’ an referral hospital. This World!

  4. Hehe! The hospital needs only three billion to fix the life saving machines and hundreds of billion of public funds is easily getting into private accounts. Humm sorry, come down Lord!!!.

  5. I think cost accounting technocrats are also relevant here,by now our administrators in the once “prestigious” hospital should know the operations of the “ones above” and apply their knowledge well.If they know it will take a whole century to restock such important equipment/parts why wait when they have run out of stock or remaining with just a few to make placements?Oh Uganda……

  6. Why are doctors running hospitals and the ministry of Health? They are not trained managers. Let’s get over this MDs know everything mentality in our health system.

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