MUK Student Allowances Missing

Government-sponsored students at Makerere University have cried foul after their living allowances disappeared into thin air prompting the administration to issue an investigation into the matter.

According to the chairperson of Makerere University Council, Dr. Charles Etyem, who was unaware of the problem until it was reported by the media, the students should have received the money by now.

“I think there is an internal problem which needs to be investigated,” said Etyem. “The university council is to meet on Thursday and the issue is likely to be high on the agenda.”

Each government-sponsored student not residing in the seven halls of residence is paid a living-out stipend of sh500,000 per semester. Although the Government disbursed the money in early September, sources at Makerere University say less than 100 students have accessed their money.

Sources at the University said this is not the only payment that finance officials at the university have delayed after the Finance Ministry and other donor agencies send money. And, the source added, this also includes lecturers’ payments and project money.

“There could be a group of people who first use the money to make a quick buck before returning it to the university account. This issue needs to be thoroughly investigated,” a student complained.

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  1. Even salary for staff has been postponed two times. from 30th-2nd and now 3-6th . tell when you will receive your salary.Oh Ug!!!

  2. Makerere is just practicing what their bigger brother and presiding officer of corruption is doing

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