M23 Rebels Capture Goma City

M23 Rebels have taken over Goma City in the eastern DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo rebels M23 have finally taken over Goma, the country’s main city in the east.

The group’s spokesman Col Vianney Kazarama confirmed this development to the media saying
“The town of Goma fell at 11:33 local time, despite the attack helicopters, despite the heavy weapons, the FARDC (Congo army) has let the town fall into our hands,”

Earlier, the rebels had announced on their Facebook wall that Goma city’s Airport was under their full control.

Congolese military had vowed to defend the city but according to reports, the city has fallen in the hands of the rebels.
“Contrary to rumors, the city of Goma is still under the control of the Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC),” Governor Paluku assured the residents of the city on Sunday.

M23 is led by mutinying soldiers who rose up eight months ago, contending that Democratic Republic of Congo’s
government violated a 2009 peace deal that was meant to integrate them into the army.

The vast central African nation was shattered by wars between 1994 and 2003 that killed about 5 million people.
Many eastern areas are still plagued by violence from a variety of rebel groups, despite UN-backed efforts to defeat them.

The rebels Monday demanded that the government open peace talks within 24 hours or see a continuation of fighting around
the eastern city.  The DRC government quickly rejected the demand.

The U.S imposed sanctions on the group’s leader Sultan Makenga while the United Nation Security Council condemned the fighting
in the city calling for a ceasefire.

Last month, a UN report accused both Uganda and Rwanda of backing the rebels, a charge the two nations denied.

8 thoughts on “M23 Rebels Capture Goma City

  1. I really feel for the people of Congo but I support our M23 BROTHERS coz their grievances are understandable. I hope Kabila can now see reason and talk with these guys.

  2. But what kind of army is in DRC when attacked they just flee like like chicken the last time they were in Uganda having fled from the rebels now they have fled from Goma kabila is right to worry coz these timid men will just surrender kinshasha to the rebels.

  3. To M23 commanders,recruit many more,until kabila is over thrown! Reason,if rpf had not kicked out,hutu govt,rwanda would be in chaos today,and if,un troops,shoot at you,return fire,where by they will not be able to regret what brought them to congo. To un soldiers pack your bags and leave congo period.

  4. But does Pr. Kabila have an army? i just wonder to hear always rebels advancing with no resistance at all. what sort of country with no army to defend it self?

  5. Byamugisha, you guys want to expand the Tutsi empire which is going to be difficult for you, the Americans tried in the middle east they failed, the jews with the Palestenians they also failed. You cnt defeat the strength of the people and for your information Kabila is the same like you guys, he’s just lying to the world that he doesnt like what M7 and Kagame are doing?

  6. let kabila give what belongs to uganda and rwanda if not they will not rest untill the united nation troops who are pludering congo resources are destroyed the resources belongs to africans.

  7. Who dares wins,Rwanda should release my friend Gen.Laurent nkunda,to acomplish what he started.any way how can i join?

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