Kyambogo Staff Threaten Strike Over Ndiege Reinstatement

Embattled Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor Isaiah Ndiege

Members of staff of Kyambogo University have threatened to strike if fired Vice Chancellor Isaiah Ndiege returns to office.

Under their associations – University Senior Administrative Staff Association (Kyusasa), Kyambogo University Academic Staff Association (Kyuasa) and National Union of Educational Institutions (NUEI), the staff vowed to resume their industrial action if the University Council, High Court or any other authority makes a u-turn on Prof Ndiege.

They revealed this while addressing the press on Friday after an emergency meeting.

They said Prof Ndiege was part of the bigger problems affecting the institution and relieving him of his duties was necessary.

“If any authority backtracks on the decision of removing him from office, as staff, we will have to withdraw our services to the university because we can no longer work with him,” one of the resolutions read in part.

The university council late last month dismissed Prof Ndiege allegedly in “ interest of the public”. This followed investigations by an ad hoc committee set up to investigate claims of mismanagement, incompetence, intimidation of staff, among others, that were leveled against him by a section of university staff.

This threat comes in the wake of a parliamentary report released on Thursday, which cleared Prof Ndiege of any wrongdoing on all the 10 allegations against him, with some lawmakers suggesting his reinstatement.

The legislative body’s report noted that the accusations labeled against Prof Ndiege were not committed by him but rather he is being held accountable by virtue of his position in the institution.

Lawmakers also cited sectarianism in Professor Ndiege’s troubles. The sacked VC is Kenyan, a fact that has rubbed many at the institution the wrong way.

“The committee on its part, feels that the problems of Kyambogo University are better looked at and addressed from a more holistic perspective than reduce them to just an individual. Having interfaced with the VC, the committee cannot hold him culpable on the allegations labeled against him,” the report reads in part.

MPs also want the university procurement officer investigated on the procurement of buses, water browser and other items.


11 thoughts on “Kyambogo Staff Threaten Strike Over Ndiege Reinstatement

  1. Ndiege has tightened on thieves at Kyu and now they want his neck. Let them strike, there are tens of thousand Ugandans and East Africans who can teach. Advertise the jobs and push them all out. ssabalwanyi is only 61 and going strong !

    1. Congratulations Prof. Ndiege. as old boy of kyu who enjoyed your first year in office, I am convinced that you are very innocent but only denying the thieves opportunities to fleece the institution. I remember how you inherited an institution full of thieves, No wonder some of these still exist there and are now fighting you personally. Am praying for you to defeat them and this time round, be even more stricter so that they will leave the jobs for good Ugandans to work for the good of the country.

  2. Lawlessness and Hooliganism must not be given a chance at Kyambogo University.The group threatening to strike are just a handful,in fact less than ten people.
    We have since realized that these people had been lying to us.They even read the ad- hoch committee to us in reverse ,to continue decieving us.

    We are not ready to continue being towed by disgruntled people like Ojambo Robert,and Bitehama ,who are totally confusing us.

    Ojambo and Betihama came to Kyambogo alone,and earn salary for themselves.If they want to go,let them go alone,not with us

    Let them stop misrepresenting the people of Kyambogo university.Their voice is not our Voice.
    For us we are ready to work with Indiege or anybody who can steer the university in the right direction.We are not party to the Ojambos personal problems with Omolo

  3. Really fellow citizens what has Ndiege contributed to Uganda to stretch us to that level? Can a Ugandan go to that level in Kenya/ Let that man simply go away and our children continue with studies.

  4. It was very unfortunate to see the so called senior staff of a public university, celebrating , eating meat still on fire like thugs in the name of celebrating Ndiege’s sacking!!! how low should Ugandans go in order to raise a point? Why should Uganda be taken for granted that, we should not promote sectarianism when we are advocating for the greater East Africa because our so called lecturers will strike? Why not pick out the leaders and arrest them, charge them and dismiss them? please, those in charge, help.

  5. As former student, Prof Ndiege has tremendously changed this University. It all looks new, beautiful and better. I have no doubt in my mind that those fighting this man must be out for personal and illegitimate gains. Authorities should seriously consider taking extraordinary measures to respond to this crisis. For instance let all those who plan to leave when Prof Ndiege returns be known, and mind you many of them still do not qualify to be University lecturers.

    1. Surely, If those who taught you are not qualified as you claim, Do you think you are a genuine graduate? Is your qualification authentic? You are actually lost. Better find real facts and what is actually on ground in Kyambogo than depending on romours. Secondly, may know whether there is any new building put up by Ndiege in Kyambogo? Anything you claim has changed the University to prove your point.

  6. I always observed that majority of Ugandan Academicians are not fit in the 21st century. Doctor / professor – all are rubbish. Only full of self importance but other than that. Tell me of a so-called doctor / professor worth the title and I will show you his contribution to society? DON’T tell me of imparting knowledge because even that isn’t beneficial for the graduates! They can’t even change where they abode and you expect them to behave worthy.
    The Doctors and Professors who trained me in Europe have ongoing University or community projects in every ones sphere of qualifications! LET THEM EAT MEAT STILL ON FIRE… NOW WHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO DO?

  7. Much as he has fought hard to stamp out corruption from the University, but inter-personal skills he lacks so much, he’s got the worst working relationships with the staff. These are university dons that are learned and are the future of the University, so he truly has got to respect them ”lest” he has no place at Kyambogo. Mr. Ndiege note this food for thought for you- Students are major stakeholders, come back with this at the back of your minds. They are tired of the mistreatment and disregard. Thanks.

  8. Ndiege is the man for the university. Those who don’t want him should resign. Many other people out there including me are ready to take your jobs. Ndiege has dried the taps of thieving and that is why you hate him. ndiege is a clean man.

  9. its true kyu has become war ground full of tribalism VC so so innocent its the corrupt who are aganist this innocent man

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