Janet Museveni Refutes OPM Mismanagement Allegations

First Lady Janet Museveni has denied any wrong doing in the OPM scandal

Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni has hit back at allegations she may have a hand in the money theft scandal that has since rocked the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

Mrs. Janet Museveni who is also the Minister of Karamoja was on Thursday implicated in the scam after it was alleged that part of the aid to Uganda through the Prime Minister’s office meant for northern Uganda and Karamoja was instead spent on trips she made to Israel.

It was further alleged that she visited the Middle East nation nine times in one month and the trips are said to have cost an estimated sh143.6m.

These claims were made when the Auditor General John Muwanga was meeting Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) at parliament. The Auditor General’s report discovered that money meant for Northern Uganda’s recovery was mismanaged.

The public has received these allegations with anger with some people calling for the First lady to be investigated to establish her innocence.

The allegations added a twist to the whole saga that has seen Donor countries Ireland, Britain, Norway among others suspend aid to the east African nation.

Mrs. Museveni in her rebuttal dismisses the allegations as false and malicious explaining that she traveled to Israel once to make an on-spot observation of the technology of watering dry lands, and did not mismanage money meant for the poor in the north.

In her statement, she urges Ugandans to search for the truth while condemning western youth MP Gerald Karuhanga’s claims of dubious deals on her part.

Below is the First Lady’s Full statement

The NTV evening newscast of November 8, announced how the First Lady has been ‘pinned down’ as being part of the OPM cash scam. They claim I travelled eight times to Israel in one month, taking with me hundreds of millions of shillings.

I know that there is a good number of Ugandans who are still in shock over this ‘revelation’. That is what forces me to make this statement immediately, so that I can allay their fears.

In 2010, I was invited to Israel to make an on-the-spot observation of the methods they have used over the years to access water in that very dry part of the world, so that we could benefit from their experience in our struggle to change the face of Karamoja.

I was not able to honor the invitation for a long time, but in September 2010, I took advantage of the one time I was accompanying H.E the President to the United Nations General Assembly meeting to travel from Entebbe via Tel Aviv, Israel and then joined the President in London for on ward travel to the New York meeting.

Therefore, the cost of the greater part of that journey was not paid for by OPM. Perhaps, I should add here for everybody’s information that the information I now have is that the money that paid for this trip was not from PRDP funds.

This was a study tour I undertook for purposes of my work in the Karamoja region. As such, I have no apologies to make because I was not a tourist and I was not on a pleasure trip.

It is therefore painful to see how far some ‘leaders’ will go to distort the truth in order to achieve their own objectives.

This is not to say that some money was not stolen; it may have been, and if it was, the investigations will unearth the evidence to prove that. But why try to include my name “eight times”? Surely, even a child can judge that it is impossible for that to have happened in one month!

The voice of the newsreader on NTV that sounded so gleeful as he triumphantly announced that “the First Lady has been pinned down in the saga of corruption” for me was the most tragic, because it demonstrated the extent of malice and hatred that drives a lot of public reporting and that adds salt to the wound of the cancer of corruption.

We need to understand that corruption is not just stealing of public funds alone, but when the media, or politicians, falsely accuse people, for their own political gain, that is also corruption.

I cannot end this statement without commenting on what Hon. Gerald Karuhanga repeated many times on the news broadcast, specifically that the First Lady travelled eight times to Israel and that the AG’s report also mentions a company which was doing business with OPM, under the name of Jesus.

He seemed to imply that this company belongs to me! Well, let me inform the public that the only business I transact with OPM is my service to Karamoja as specified by the appointing authority.

For that also I have done what is humanly possible to serve my country. If God is pleased with my effort, it is enough for me; after all, it is Him I serve.

In conclusion, let me appeal to the people of this great land to hold hands together and believe the truth where it is told and fight evil where it may be found.

This land is going to reject and eject those who poison the minds of its people as they take bribes from the thieves and speak on their behalf.


63 thoughts on “Janet Museveni Refutes OPM Mismanagement Allegations

  1. This is Ugandan politics!The First Lady should have known better before she joined the political bandwagon!



    1. We surely need an answer to the above question! lets re-phrase it to “WHO STEALS OUR MONIES”?????

  3. Please Ugandans, before you react and accuse someone always internalise the content of what has been said. Surely as a person on the sidelines, I find the so called honourable not deserving of the position he holds! The first lady’s statement gives you a snapshot of who puts his/ her heart in doing what is right for the people. Hate it or like it there’s alot of truth in mama’s statement and it deserves attention.

    1. what truth Jeff? first of all the statement doesnt not have any iota of fact to counteract the allegations other than the usual rhetoric about serving God which is is used to- for example, is it impossible as she suggests to travel to Isreal 9 times in a month? No factually it is possible. So why does she have to appeal to God every time something fishy is mentioned about her and her husband who eveidence has shown most corruption in the country originates and ends at state house-even Elly Tumwine mentioned something like that. SO jeff you are not even on the sidelines as you say but I beleive you are an insider here to root for Jnet’s innocence with no facts to counteract the allegations-be more smarter pliz other than appealing to sentimalism

  4. This was what I had actually said in my blog – that travelling by air for such a long journey is not easy and to mean the First lady travelled to and from Israel 9 time in one month means she travelled to and from Israel twice per week. Who can buy that ? And when I posted the Monitor deleted that post in favour of those pelting the Innocent first lady.. Dirty politics but be fair !

  5. No one steals money in Uganda. They simply borrow it and if they get caught..they return it.That is not corruption! It’s business. Ladies and gentlemen we need to come up with a clear definition of corruption in this country.

  6. i think every one is up to caught the ruling government and anyone in the line . now i think 145million is really nothing to the president wife . even my wife spends 100million a year shopping yet we are a no body. Uganda is made up with hatred. and i think its understandable for trying to bring down some one with out clear proof, but rather what you have hard from other people is surely not right.

    1. If your wife spends $100 millions, it’s your personal money, Janet is an employee of Ugandans and they have every right and power to reprimand her if she messes arround with tax- payers money..anyone who cannot be accountable to Ugandans should never apply for Government jobs..my wife spends as much as she wishes, no one can question me because I don’t depend on tax-payers.

  7. Really, JEFF, “puts his/ her heart in doing what is right for the people”, how do you know this to be true? What is truth? She may be right and she may be not, how can we know? The problem is not whether she is right or wrong, but that the president and the governmenemnt she serves is calpable of corruption and all are bound under collective responsibility.

  8. Ugandans will never believe you when you have refused to vacate State House for three decades now.. If you are clean hearted and wish other Ugandans well, why deny them the opportunity to enjoy the privileges of that office and also offer their contribution to their country?????

  9. I know redpepper is biased against those with alternative views other than the guys in Government, that’s why you don’t post our comments or if you do, you highlight our names in red.. That’s very unprofessional,, just know we are in the 21st century and this is online business not a Ugandan territory affair.

  10. They are known of,extravagance.if state house can spend over 400m,in aday,a jet to germany,over 5o vehicles of travel convoy,govt vehicles with u.c number plates fetching milk cans,when no ambulances in hospitals,they dont care at all.people dying of hunger,indeed shes serving jesus.let her resign,with the husband,we have had enough.

  11. it is realy a bad stunt to attack the media. I dint see any jubilation when that person was reading the news. NTV does not work in PMs office or auditor general’s office if they air out news like that about the first lady that realy means that there source is reliable.

  12. Maama Jenet, just take issue easy for the lord is on ur side. The younger Hon. Karuhanga only wants to be known as a tough man who can even shake the bigest trees, but that’s nothing. The truth will come out.

  13. The days were mentioned when she travelled.Let her refute those days,and say
    she never travelled.otherwise we believe she did.

  14. Personally all said, am not the leading investigator here neither am i the auditor general, from my accounting proffession, no such billions can get lost with my only one degree wen am at the helm of that office in the position of PS, that said, the PS an his accountant are personally and proffessionally liable.

  15. Mama! Who doesn’t know who the thieving family is, even if the Mama wants to distance herself? Poor Uganda. Some of these people think Ugandans are fools!

  16. Janet used that money no matter what. Her life style is too expensive far expensive than that of the first lady of US or France. Mbabazi and Janet knows very well where all the money went. We need it back or else your travel abroad will be denied by the donors. Wait and see what is going to come out from them.

  17. I want to suspect that some good Ugandans in OPM made the best use of Mama’s travel to account for money that they have stolen. Mama, the fact that accountability for your travel to one country was made 9 times in a month is enough call for Ugandan’s to demand for an explanation from you. Now that you have made it clear to us, allow us now go for the thieves, but I hope the investigation does not end up in your bedroom when some unaccounted for billion cash is got hidden under the pillows or the bed like it has become the routine in most investigations related to public offices. Just trying to be realistic and very objective on reading her explanation. Yes, we still have the right to demand for accountability and transparency in whatever way it comes. Well done Mama and Sorry your name is slowly going off the road in things you may not understand. May be you need to reconsider whether you should continue serving in a system where your name is clearly getting eroded and Ugandan are slowly being helped to start hating you by those with selfish interests. Bravo.

  18. Jeff has correctly stated we Ugandans move on with Radio Katwe to quickly, the Auditor General has a duty to go into depth investigations once they are advised by the Head of any Government Institution or Department that there anomalies , His officers have been Lazy and failed to express the correct content of these Reports, they rush into the offices half of them are not even qualified for Such in his department. The 1st Lady has given a Statement which needs to be followed and which will lead to alot more than Ag has done.
    and Pray to Our Leaders stop defaming each other without any concrete evidence

  19. The first lady, me i believe these are just crocodile tears. A lot is being done and currently what we are seeing is just the droplets from a tank, we havent seen what is inside the tank.

    Again i believe media has done us bad since most of them are paid to hide the truth.
    Then after they (media) have seen one of theirs being implicated, they try to leak out some minor facts.

    Media to me is also on a high-rate over promoting corruption because YOU know most of those facts.

    I have no objection the first lady chewed/sliced that dice……..

    How do you for sure as an intellectual, stand up on your 2legs with no fear and shame them say ” i thought money came from heaven, deposited onto my account” then started using. Enough is enough, we are being fooled for over enough times

  20. Jannet why cnt you reveal if your a real born again how much you spend when you travel from Kalamoja to Kampala and how regulary to you come to Kampala.

  21. now mama natasha joın the public to get the person who stole that money and when the public get the truth yo name will be cleared dats all

  22. Until proven innocent or guilty, every thief even (chicken thief ) will always deny his/her doings when brought to light,
    And above all unearthing the thief is the solution to corrupt, i would be interested to know the set guidelines on how culprit are to be handled, like seize theirs personal property, life imprisonment and never to hold and public office in their lives. And that should none selective

  23. @ Paul, no body has refused to vacate State House but democracy prevails. Elections are held every 5 years and the divided opposition give the NRM the chance to remain in State House !

    1. Grace, you have turned democracy into a mockery. Who wrote the Two term- limits in the Ugandan Constitution and why did they do so?? And who removed them from the same constitution before they were tested and why??? And who said this “” the problem of Africa Is ” leaders” who overstay in power” why do you think he said that and when did he say it??…If you answer me genuinely and with an open mind then we will start debating the ingredients of real democracy……,
      Democracy is not merely holding election which the incumbent often rigs as proved by courts of law…

  24. Is the First lady serving God or the People? We might be dealing with someone who is in a different world all together.

  25. I have been following this whole issue and the truth is that money was taken but whoever took the money from the Premier’s office used the guise of bigger people who he thought will never be contacted and on another side also thought that the truth will never be disclosed.The First lady sounds truthful and am sure they might have used her name thinking that being a first Lady she can never be touched.Honestly how can someone go eight times to the same country in one month!its high time those people started coughing our money.Its my humble request to the parliament of Uganda that please do not send whoever is concerned behind bars but let them pay back the money .

  26. Can the Law Society clarify this to me, I often hear that money was stolen, then soon after that Money is replaced from some where else, does this mean there was no theft to begin with? Does putting the stolen money back take away the fact that there is a thief? If I replace that cash am I the thief since I am assisting in theft ? When does the police come in?
    So confusing!

  27. I cannot believe it that the first lady has gone to the extent of blaming even the news reader on NTV.Analyzing his voice.this to me is a new level of intimidation forget about the money which we are never going to recover anyway.the poor young man is not safe anymore coz if she said it publicly,God only knows how she would want him punished for the way his voice sounded.

  28. Thank you maama I do trust in You .We know whites and ugandans will always come up with something because they need money but just keep the transparency as you have done .

  29. Janet should not accuse Karuhanga for anything it is very clear in the auditor general`s report that she used the money. Instead of shading crocodile tears, she should apologize to Ugandans and refund the money. Even the GAVI money Mukula is held for was actually used by this lady.

  30. As an independent Ugandan,I think the first Lady was right …….I do not think she could make 8 or 9 times trip to Middle East region in one month

    The problem is The Prime Minister and PS do not know their duty. They should resign….

    How can one be effective if he or she is expected to serve two masters ( As a Minister and MP) The solution is one man one job. Or else the corruption will prevail. The president should allow the ministers to serve as ministers but not both.

  31. We are outsiders to the OPM and we shd not attack persons rather demand for an expeditious search for the truth. I recommend Maama brings more facts to this effect. Ask the crew around you to compile the required evidence because this is not CLASSIFIED expenditure that the country especially the beneficiaries will keep silent about. Also, this being a public office, service is to the people.

    1. what i don’t understand is how these three difference offices/ government functions are conniving to carry out the burglary, these missing moneys almost in all the corruption sagas involves Bank of Uganda.
      Remember all these moneys have their accounts in the central bank the likes of GAVI and now PDRP funds.
      I don’t mean to say that Frist Lady has misuse/stolen our PDRP funds,,,,,,,,,. But i want to agree with Nyorwa,
      It should be noted that if Mukula was not to chicken out First Lady’s name would have been in the middle of the GAVI funds saga as well.

      She needs to clear herself from such scam, its not about God as she said, for God sends leaders to lead his people on earth hence serving them(the people) is serving God………..unless we are not getting something clear from her statement.

  32. PAC please go ahead to screw these guys till they vomit the cash because now every one is denying. who took the money? was it the ghosts? Janet should come clean otherwise hiding behind Jesus wont help her.

  33. Ladies and Gentlemen, mama admited that she traveled to middle east, on which account she doesnt know, the other time the prime minister accepted that they purchased new cars for him. why are you wasting your precious time. who is the accounting officer for OPM? Let him face the fire for misaproprating funds. He should pay our money back before he is taken to luzira.

  34. I also got disturbed when the first lady pinned the news reader

    “The voice of the newsreader on NTV that sounded so gleeful as he triumphantly announced that “the First Lady has been pinned down in the saga of corruption”

    also attacking some MPs ” I cannot end this statement without commenting on what Hon. Gerald Karuhanga repeated many times on the news broadcast, specifically that the First Lady travelled eight times to Israel and that the AG’s report also mentions a company which was doing business with OPM, under the name of Jesus.

    He seemed to imply that this company belongs to me”

    This is intimidation , i don’t know why she would attack the news reader because of his voice?????, he is reading but not news editing, she seems to be very dictatorial and this looks to be a direct attack on freedom of press and speech

    Dear Ugandans when will this end???

    1. Youngaman and those that share his school of thought would make you understand that if you become minister or First Lady for that matter, you have no right absolutely to respond to allegations leveled against you because they will interpret it as intimidation and dictatorship. You even have no sentiments and others can accuse you at will. I think for us as a country to get to know the truth, the people against whom these allegations are made should be given chance to respond and tell their side of the story and investigations exhaustively conducted and truth unearthed. Otherwise the First Lady couldn’t travel to Israel eight times in a month, she would get fatigued and pass on.

  35. Boy, there is nothing more to say. Museveni and his club will fall the way Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein did. Just a little time though.

  36. am really not moved…. the hypocrisy is everywhere….our beloved country has indeed gone to the dogs….

  37. Whether she traveled or not. I think the most important question is, is Janet a technical person to carry out such a survey?? Often times we have seen political heads going a broad to perform technical tasks where they lack experience. That alone makes you guilty

  38. hahaha this is funny now who knws, the prime minister doesn’t knw, the chief accounting officer Mr. Bigirimana who is supposed to endorse all the paper wok not responsible and the minister where the money was supposed to be utilized says she doesn’t knw abt it, now we on square one, Ghosts, we have had Ghost soldiers, i think those who died and came back to seek revenge, the we had Ghost teachers, Ghost pensioners our grandparents who worked in uganda railways en east african community, if its the Ghosts we knw wea they’re buried we can go perform some traditional rituals en they bring back our money but wea tired of leaders stealing and saying they don knw wea the money went they are all answerable.

  39. God said donot admire other people’s things, but the rate at which politticians are admiring our tax payers money makes me wonder if all should join politics.

    For people who have travelled by air it is impossible to travel 2.5times a week as it is alleged.

    One other thing is that politicians like mama janet should learrn how to respond to such allegations. she should consult the husband. He knows how to sacarstically respond to such kind of allegations.

  40. One thing is not clear. Even if she made a trip using money from state house or presidents office; does one trip cost 146million. Remember the story of Maria Antoinette In France. If people cant afford bread let them buy cakes! This government codons corruption from the head to bottom and along the line there is no exception.

  41. Mama Janat,

    Kale put aside the allegations( Mukyaala No 1), you’ll deal with that later ….as a citizen of Northern Uganda I wish to know the outcome of your only trip you took to Isreal in 2010. Am just wondering after 2 years , are there any methods we can use to access water in the dry parts of the Karamoja that you learned or observed, so that we could use?

  42. what is making me sick is to use God to steal us,Janet first of all you should not have entered into politics where your Husband is a president,first lady would be enough.

  43. God bless Uganda. Don’t worry guys after all. I want to remind mama pliiiiiiiiiiizzzzzz as a born again tell us the truth. And thank you that you serve God not poor people. Shame upon Ugandan thieves

  44. Off the top of my head, I submit that the amount of money in question here is too low to register on this lady’s radar. So, I’d let her off. I’d also give her PR people a pay rise. This is mass hypnotism at its best.

    Now, who’d dare argue that this is not free press, when the person who cooks the president’s matooke writes in to a national newspaper to account to the wretched, faceless, foodless, healthless, everythingless masses to account for some misplaced peanuts?

    “Bravo!”, we say.

    Because we have not yet heard the opinion of the God for whom this lady works. Kasita one day she will stand before Him and give an account.

    I pray she, like myself and you, all sinful souls will repent and find mercy on the day of judgement.

    Meanwhile, missives like the one above are well arrogant, as in “munankolaki?”. And madam, it shows in your style of writing.

    But now is your time and all leadership comes from above. Who appoints removes, as the wise say.

    For God and My beloved country.

  45. Oh, I forgot to add that Mukula, Karuhanga, etc are in on the act too. Like that NRM/FDC thing.

    Ditto the letter from Sejjusa, and the Kalinda/Obeyi etc trial (unless they did not “sign on”, okitegeera?)

    I sincerely hope you guys are not taking these gimmicks seriously, coz that would be the true spelling of myopia.

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