Janet Blocks Mabikke KCCA Job


Former Makindye East MP Micheal Mabikke must have been born unlucky. Snoops are saddened to report that the politician was recently destined to be appointed Deputy KCCA Executive Director under Jennifer Musisi.

Sources say everything had been done and security agencies had given their no objection for his appointment but things backfired when State House weighed in saying the man wasn’t good enough for the job.

We are told even Jennifer Musisi had given her no objection to being deputized by Mabikke whose hatred against Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is well known.

We are told even Premier Amama Mbabazi had endorsed the move to make the Kampala Mayoral flop deputy ED. However, sources have revealed to us that state house aides loyal to first Lady Janet Museveni blocked the deal saying Mabikke is unfit to be deputy ED.

Their reasoning was that he was the chief strategist in the past discredited regimes of Seya and Sebaana Kizito who orchestrated scandals and dubious transactions at City Hall.

They argued it were his godfathers named above who messed up things resulting into dubious compensations to tycoons like Basajjabalaba. Sebaana and Seya’s regimes are the one which leased city markets to Basajjabalaba who later demanded to be compensated before leaving space for the vendors.

The other concern for Janet’s loyalists is that when he was still an opposition diehard, Mabikke used to be hostile to the first family members to the extent of abusing President Museveni’s parents during the radio talk shows. In fact he was one time detained at CID headquarters Kibuli after his talk show on radio Simba where he was alleged to have uttered uncharitable things about President Museveni’s late mother, Esteri Kokundeka. “He may be our sympathizer and good ally in as far as extinguishing opposition in Kampala is concerned but we can’t allow him to become deputy ED at city hall because he used to attack members of the first family a lot when still active in opposition politics,” sources quoted Janet loyalists at State House as saying about Mabikke.

They want the man to start as RDC if at all he is willing to serve under the Movement government.

22 thoughts on “Janet Blocks Mabikke KCCA Job

  1. The moles that we have been talking about.
    These are the kind of people letting the oposition down. Very disapointing.

  2. Those guys used to annoy me by falsely attacking the first family-let them learn a lesson.

  3. Good Move Mama Museveni. The so called Mabike’s need to be placed exactly where they belong, Local Council 1 (LC1). He is not fit to even be an RDC..

  4. Good job mama Janet. we are tired of people like mabikke.
    They just play games so that they can earn a living.
    why did he leave the opposition?? And besides, the fact he is
    no longer in oppositions doesn’t mean that he should get a job.
    We know people in the opposition who are important to our country
    they better take that job than Mabiike who is just playing games.,

  5. I thought people got jobs thru defined channels by under going thru interviews etc etc ha ha ha ha

  6. Mabike is apolitical failure,he will never rise again after handing his parliamentary position to John Simbwa(makindye east).bravo u r not different from sebagala.

  7. It is certainly not Janet but God may have another plan or assignment for the dude. Dude, cheer up ! Lets stop blaming everything that happens to the First Family.

  8. What has “mama” got to do with the appointment of the deputy director KCCA? This is not an appointment for an employee in her house in Ntungamo. This is the impunity destroying this country. What a vindictive woman.

    1. James, what dont you know, weebase?
      Imagine the minister of Karamoja has powers to over sea appointments of Finance minister and minister of kampala. I heard that there is a minister in charge of kampala. is that minister Janet museveni?

  9. I just wish all others who had the same plans of mooving to movement get it clear that it has its people whom they really want to share that cake not for all,even those of Musisi are not part but as you know they had to get someone from that region to do the darty game such that when time comes they say it was not us but your own people who were against you.Now you look at Mabike,Tamale & others whom we shall never forgeteforget in this short life for their dids.

  10. He deserves it. The abuse on radios were too much Mabikke, it is a lesson for others. What goes around, comes around!

  11. seriously what mama gat to do with the concerns of the people of klp. if he mabike had misunderstanding with the first family then it’s time he’s given a chance to apologize and work for the benefit of the people …. bedroom affairs should not be a hindrance to development.

  12. To hell with Mike mabike. He deserves to be eaten by vultures. So abusive to the first family.

  13. So this KCCA Thing is a State House Project? No wonder why they have all the powers to Terrorize the poor vendors without any rule of law. What a Shame.

  14. If Mabike is rejected because of his collusion with Seya and Sebaana to mess up with City funds and land etc, that is a valid and intelligent reason but the second reason of having ridiculed Mrs Museveni family is beyond logic. Janet cannot convince any intelligent person that all those in Cabinet and very close to the family are sinless. They are even those so called friends of Museveni’s family who ridiculed them when one or two of their daughters got married to men they considered unsuitable and worthless. In any case if convicted murderers like Rwakasisi can be forgiven and are now the so called presidential advisers, why should Mabike’s case be magnified to the extent of losing a job if at all he is qualified. I smell some tribalism there.

  15. Let the 2tribes continue to fight/malign each other…they love money and earthly things so much. Is KCCA 1st family project? Nepotism!

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