Homos Targeting Kindergartens, Says Bahati

Ndorwa West MP David Bahati (right),  Bill Clinton posing for a picture with Gay Right’s Activist Frank Mugisha (center) at a party.

Known for his homophobia, Ndorwa West MP David Bahati has now warned parents to take extreme precautions as homosexuals are busy targeting new recruits in kindergartens. Bahati delivered the message on Sunday while presiding over Kampala Kindergarten Association end of year concert held at Didi’s World – Kasanga in Kampala.

When he took to the podium, Bahati said that the theme of the day ‘motivation leads to independence’,  was rich because of its relevance to the children gathered who without doubt are the future leaders. At this point he expressed his discontent with the impunity gays are propping up to recruit toddlers in nursery schools.

“We now have a problem with homosexuals who are targeting nursery kids. We must fight them seriously and bring it to an end. As teachers, be on the look out to protect the moral fabric of the nation as we in Government find way of fighting this depravity,” he said.

His remarks come at a time when MPs in Parliament have intensified immense pressure on passing of Anti-gay bill. Speaking to press yesterday, Bahati again reiterated that the bill is before the Parliamentary Legal and Affairs committee. But he vouched that he will ‘energize’ to see the bill passed before the year ends. “Right now the bill is before the committee we shall debate it in this session and before end of 2012 we shall come up with a resolution,” he said.

Bahati insisted that he is firm and not even Sandy Storm that hit America recently could move him to change his mind. He is remembered to have shaken the world when he advocated for the death of homos by hanging.

Barely a fortnight ago, Ugandan Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga blasted Canada Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird for attacking Uganda on homosexuality.

“If homosexuality is a value for the Canadian people, that is not a problem for us, that is its issue, but one should not force Ugandans to accept homosexuality because we’re not Canadian citizens,” Kadaga said to thunderous applause from the floor.


Reported By Nicholas Mwesigwa

56 thoughts on “Homos Targeting Kindergartens, Says Bahati

  1. He should spend his time advocating against pedophiles and not interfering with people’s business. You cannot arrest someone because you do not like the way they live their life. It has nothing to do with you and your beliefs. How about you stop embezzling money before you condemn other people for things that are not even right.

    1. Christine, Being gay in Uganda is criminal, period.It should therefore be fought with all the might if it is suspected to be starting at Nursery level.

      1. Muge, I am not gay but some of the greatest fine people I have met in life are gay!! A corrupt government like ours does not have the moral authority to even discuss moralality in the first place!! What is it that gay people do in bed that straight people don’t do? Oral or anal sex? Straight couples do all these things!!! so are we going to arrest them too? Bahati talk about our pathetic roads, sickening medical system, rotten education system, greedy thieving politicians, low life expectancy, political interference and the like. The government has no business in what two consenting adults do in their bed room. Period.

    2. Well said. He is just an alarmist. How can anyone convince a 2 – 4 year old to become sexually active or gay? Such a big joke. He is just looking for media attention, to distract people from their destructive motives of corruption, embezzlement of tax payers money, endless torture of opposition members in safe houses, destruction of gov’t institutions, instilling cancer fears in anyone who dares to critic them, stopping freedom of speech, and looting of national resources. Gay talk is just a distraction; extreme corruption and Life-presidency designed with intentional dysfunctional government institutions are the biggest problem in Uganda. Time to wake up people.

    3. X tine don’t mix issues .Two wrongs do not make any right..condemn both i.e embezzlement and homosexuality..listen to your inner being..there is no future in homosexuality.

    4. Christine, I do not know your status but if your private life is not limited to only you and involving targeting my kindergarten child them am involved in your activities. Whether pedophiles exist, or thieves in the night.
      By the way two wrongs do not make a right! If people are stealing or robbing so we keep quiet about someone teaching our kids the homo things? No way!!

  2. This man alone is more dangerous to the ugandan youth than the gay community that he tries to surpress. Where is the evidence that they are recruiting at kindergattens? How can you recruit a 2-4 year old for anything and expect them to conform. he is so desperate to have people believe him that he is coming out with all these weird stories. His sponsors(American Evangelists) must be pleased with his work.

  3. Am not gay but I support gay rights.Let them be Mr Bahati.You have no evidence of what you are saying.

  4. David Bahati and the likes can say what they want and continue their false propaganda but the rights and freedoms of people who are homosexuals should not be debated at all, people are born free and should be left to enjoy their rights. David Bahati you will loose this battle. Wait when your son or daughter proclaims his or her sexuality and we see if you will murder them too. Such people like Bahati need more education and prayers, am so a shamed of my motherland Uganda.

    1. We are ashamed of you Musasizi and when will you stop identifying with us(Ugandans) because you don’t subscribe to our morals

      1. Yeah i support you Kirabo….why don’t you become canadian Musasizi because we don’t have any sympathy for a gay person in Uganda… do you ever read about procreation in the first place..do u understand its meaning.

  5. Its incredible to see that in a world full of misery, pain, war, violence etc. people like Bahati speak out against love.

    But of course, to take the attention away from ones own incompetence and corruption one have to come up with something to lead the public view away from these things. And then this homosexuality stuff was a good thing to use..

    There are other countries which are much better off than Uganda where there are gay prime ministers, gay foreign ministers etc. Much better ministers than the corrupt Ugandan ones.

    And about homosexuals in kindergartens… You are talking about pedophiles Mr.
    Wake up Uganda and realize your politicians are using the homosexuality stuff just to make you forget about their corruption and mismanagement of the country. In countries where gay rights are accepted life is 1000 times better for everyone, both straight and gays, than in pathetic, corrupt Uganda !

  6. David Bahati i just pray to God to forgive you, man you are such a lair and so desperate to have people believe you with all these weird and cooked stories..

  7. Nooooooooooooo Bahati come on, this is beyond hatred and now i have come to realize that even what you have been telling us are all false, fake, cooked, artificial, forgery and imitation so kindly please…………….., we respect you as a member of parliament but when you start deceiving the nation then no one will respect you at all.. Please spare us.. It seems you are lacking something to do now.

  8. Bahati, you are the one targeting kindergartens and nurseries with your nonsense. You don’t even have a child in that nursery. What were you doing there?

  9. I don’t think anyone can recruit kindergarten kids,it has been used to amplify the situation. But our immediate problem is not gays ,it is corruption and poor service delivery. Just strengthen the religious institutions by first of all having a Head of state who respects what they say,then the issues like gays etc will be handled by those institutions.Right now no one respects them because also the leader disrespects them.

  10. we need people like bahati to protect the innocent. gay people are sick and they should not be allowed or be in our society

    1. Vicent gay people are not sick. You are the sick one who hates other individuals. Any kind of prejudice is bad. I am not gay but i dont think i should hate another human being because of what they do in their private time. Homosexuality is nature and not nurture. I have worked, lived and socialised with gay people and i have neither been propositioned or felt threatend. You know why, because i am confident in my own skin and i know what i am . What you dont know is that there is alot of politics in all these, Bahati’s proclamations. they are all driven by American evangelists. People who are sacred are thinking that they will make everyone in society gay. If that was the case, everywhere where their is gay rights everyone would be gay.

  11. Fellow Ugandans let’s be open, these gays and lesbians dnt know what they are up to, we are here in USA but you find some one calling him self a man while he’s still going in a woman toilet using women stuff same applies to men who claim to be women.

  12. with corruption, murder,rape, promiscuity and all the evil things going on in Uganda, its such a shame that bahati can come up with such illusions seeking for attention….get a life

    1. Wake up Grace………..what have you done to stop at least one of the vices you have mentioned above before you pour scorn on Hon.Bahati.

  13. Mr. Bahati corruption in authorities of our Nation is more lethal than homosexuality.
    Why not deal with that ‘FOR GOD’S SAKE’.

    1. Omuluuli, do you want to mean that we can stop looking at bad drivers on the road because robbers exist? When other crimes are happening we close eyes to others? When ebola is killing people we fight and leave polio?
      That is what you are suggesting! We leave homos to multiply in our society because some people are corrupt…… come on! We shall fight on both fronts and i know we shall win! Recall sodom and gomorah?

  14. Bahati is a true Patriot! Don’t let the mafia intimidate you, the majority of Ugandans are sympathetic to your cause. they will always make a lot of noise…just ignore them , they ‘ll try anything to promote their filth-our kids should be protected by any means necessary as these people are very desperate to plant their immorality.

    Long Live Honorable Bahati

  15. Homosexuality is a no no in my country. If it’s okay why have the Americans refused gay marriage. The mere fact that a fellow man can have sex with a fellow man, guys do you find that normal in our country, next thing men are going to be dressed like women and before you know it men will be going for sex changes. not Uganda. Those gay people who provoke our country should be thrown in jail. imagine your kids seeing two men kissing in public. Come on fellow Ugandans wake up we have other issues to deal with than these abnormal people.

  16. Am 100 in support of you Mr Bahati despite of the influence of the western cultures we need to maintain our cultural norms ,customs guys homosexuality is not allowed in Uganda and if got think these people should be killed as they did to the likes of Kato…….i just get confused on how someone gets feeling of a fellow man or woman Oh my God ……i will stand to this and it won’t be legalised in my motherland

  17. When you choose wickedness over righteousness, in the short run things seem to be better however in the long run you pay a hefty price. the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are testament to that.

    1. wickedness is already in this land. for a country of 80% christian, 20% Muslim and 100% traditional beliefs (witchcraft), you can not hide behind ‘morals and righteousness’ when children are slaughtered everyday like rats to the ‘gods.’ now that’s a more relevant issue for Bahati to sensitize kindergarten kids!!

  18. Whether or not Bahati is speaking the truth, whether or not Uganda has bigger problems that need attention, let’s not be swayed away from the main point. Homosexuality should not be given space in our land. From whatever angle u want to look at it; moral, social or spiritual, man and man or woman and woman is a vice.

  19. I support homos but i also think they don’t belong to Uganda so instead of forcing them on Uganda lets support a bill that EXPELS them from the country so that they can exercise their freedom to find a homo loving country and the Europeans should support us by accepting them.

  20. To all who support gays why cant u go and live in Canada or the United states,since here in Uganda we are not going to give u any room. Uganda’s parliament why are u delaying passing the law against this beast.people don’t mix corruption with this issues of gay.

  21. God please help us. Let these people advocating for homosexuality rights take their voices where they belong and not here in Uganda. We don’t belong to that culture. If you find interest leave us alone and go and find it where its welcomed with a smile.

  22. leaders like Bahati should be advised that homosexuality is not an organization that calls for recruitment its a sexual behavior.Therefore anyone found engaging toddlers in any kind of sex is a pedophile,Bahati stop your hatred and get to grip with the real issues around us.

  23. God is wise. He created men and women. He permitted man to marry women and give birth to each other for the continuity of the world. That is the true nature of man kind and respected bestowed up on man from the creator of the universe. Good work done by Hon Bahati, Hon Kadaga and others in government who are against homosexuality. It is really sad for an understanding man or woman to support and promote homosexuality. It means that those people are fighting human dignity bestowed on them by their creator. Then which weapons do u have to fight God. So people let us observe our culture, fight homosexuality and follow the true nature of mankind.

  24. Is this a joke? Hw can someone turn a 4 yr old gay? This cultural and religious activism is simply a lost cause… People are born gay… And they are here to stay. Get over it. If People used the same hatred they have towards gays to condemn vices that affect us directly, like corruption, rule of law and accountability from our leaders, E.A wd be very far economically and democratically.

  25. I have seen people talk about corruption and i guess where there’s corruption there is an exchange of either money or something else. gays are not only corrupt but wild

  26. Always found it puzzling that our nation that were historically tolerant of homosexuality whether in humans or in nature, have adopted the “beliefs” of their colonizers / oppressors, and now use such rules to oppress segments of their own populations.

  27. bahati i dont support your party but when it comes to the issue of homosexual i will support you even if it means to defend our entire nation bravo bahati

  28. Bahati you are still exhibiting kigezi village antics, we remember you were limping on bare feet, fearing to put on shoes on juju issues now you are trying to confuse people. We shall not accept your allegations anymore, we know your financiers and we shall expose you soon.

  29. But what is the problem with it,if one has decided to live that way you come out and condemn his or her way of life,are you not violating the rights,let him fight thieves.

  30. Mr Bahat pliz instead let ugandans know how their taxes/money is being stolen ie NSSF, GAVi, UPE, Ghost soldiers, Jank Helcoptors, fake oil contructs.

  31. Bahati is totally right. we should appreciate that just like intelligence which is expected to come naturally, sexual orientation is subject to the environment. we have heard tales where very straight fellows change their orientation sexually depending on the environment. take an example of prisons and single sex schools where sexual interaction with the opposite sex is not guaranteed, such places bleed homosexuality. when such young innocent minds are brought up in corrupted kindergartens that supports same sex bonds/ sharing over hetero sex bonds, they grow up with no regard for the opposite sex and it manifests when adolescence sets in. Let the trend be fought as early as possible. homosexuality is usually a learned habit, but to a small extent inborn, the good thing is that, the sexual deviation/ disorder is curable by embracing cultural norms.

  32. We now know that homosexuality is a movement to derail the world. Beware that the end of the world is near and GOD is not going to tolerate these acts of homosexuality. Whose rights are you talking about when young children are being rercuited into such unGodly acts. God was not stupid to say that a woman and man will live together as one in holy marriage. Why do these unkind people want the children to wear Dippers all their lives. It is pathetic for anyone to wish another person to live that way.

  33. You really need to get with the times 90% of paedophilia is by straight men!!! God u even believe having sex with a child cures aids!!!

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