Steve Jobs’ Venus Launched

The sleek, white super yacht glistens under a gray autumnal sky, a posthumous testament to the design aesthetic of Steve Jobs.

Just over a year after Steve Jobs, the Apple founder died, the sleek, white, luxury motor yacht he commissioned and helped French product designer Philippe Starck make has finally slipped into an anonymous Dutch backwater in Netherlands.

Looking like a floating Apple store, it bears all the hallmarks of a new Jobs-inspired creation – crisp white lines, polished metal, and glass.

Late on Tuesday, shipbuilder Feadship announced it had launched the 78.2-meter (256-foot) all-aluminum, full custom motor yacht fittingly named Venus at its yard in Aalsmeer, just south of Amsterdam, two days earlier.

Mr. Starck said in a statement to the media that he is proud of Venus as he feels it reflects Steve Jobs expectation and vision.

The super yacht has a long white hull with a row of circular portholes just above the water line and two glass-walled cabins on the top deck, one on top of the other.

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