Generals Panic As Besigye sneaks Out Of Country

Top security chiefs in Uganda are in panic after news circulated that Rtd Col. Kizza Besigye was suspected to have beat the 24 hour surveillance put on him by Police and intelligence units and left the country, Red Pepper can exclusively reveal.

According to our source in the security corridors deployed to monitor Besigye’s movements but who requested anonymity, there is a lot of panic and tension after the intelligence network failed to know how Besigye sneaked out of the country.

“We found out that he had left the country, we don’t know where he passed and which route he used,” the source said.

He (source) added that the officials immediately summoned the team that monitors Besigye’s movements to answer questions like how he managed to move, where, and what he had gone to do.

Until last night security agents were still trying to establish Besigye’s whereabouts and the country he is headed. “We are working round the clock to find out where he is now,” the source explained.

But a source privy to Besigye’s movements revealed that the Rtd Colonel used his ‘tricks’ in the wee hours of Tuesday morning to sneak out of the country.

He is reported to have gone to Johannesburg, South Africa. “At 4: am we went to the airport boarded a plane off to South Africa without security agents who trail him noticing,” a source said.

(Reported by Nicholas Mwesigwa)






28 thoughts on “Generals Panic As Besigye sneaks Out Of Country

  1. security is being disproved. Let them work smart and not use old fashioned, outdated tactics! What a shame if true!

    1. Now our Kampala will be at peace without tear gas even i will send back my kids.

      This man is within he is playing on our heads .

      1. Which kids….as if u can even pay for their fees….upe schools are soon breaking mr…which school is that…

  2. For once, KB doesn’t have to sneak out of his country. When did he become a criminal or who has ever issued travel bans against him? Does Omara pay his air fare? Concentrate on the rot in the gov’t, the avoidable deaths the country is plagued with, KB is not Uganda’s problem.

  3. Is KB a wanted man or a criminal? Does he need to inform the security agents of his movements?

  4. Let him go so that we can have a break. The man is terrible. You can never know what he is upto.
    He lost an election. He decided to stand down from party presidency thats why we are going to vote this month for Muntu or Mafabi. But Besigye has remained in action as if nothing is happening.

    Am FDC just like some of you but really Besigye is a funny guy!!!

    Now he had ganged up with Lukwago, just to bring him down. Because really Lukwago is also confused. He is there to destroy FDC not to help the political process.

    Believe me if you want. Thats me.

    1. namuli the nlikes of you masqueraders make us real FDC members sick! Are you ashamed to say you are NRM? He refused to leave presidency when you very well know he is the one who asked to stand down earlier than end of his term to allow a smooth transtion. Do you know why he has remained in action as you say? Because he has many many supporters and that is why the govt is worried about him. You do not have to say beleive me coz if you are saying the truth readers will beleive you without you reminding them to.

    2. Namuli, review Gen. Tinyefuna’s comments in the letter that was published by monitor carefully before you you make such fanny comments of yours. When Gen. Tinye commented, was KB the president or M7? Refresh your brain pls

  5. This is rubbish, How can he sneak out of the country and yet use the airport? That shows that he didn’t sneak, he officially traveled.Secondly was he banned from traveling?

    1. I hear that may be Uncle KB sometimes changes into rats, cats, snakes, frogs or a bird and takes in that way till he reaches Kampala City and turns him self into KB. Mbuu this are some of their bush war tricks tough the police of today is very green on his tackitics.

  6. Tommy, Rogers, right questions to ask. Is Besigye a criminal to the extent that he should not travel? Or are we seeing politics played by redpepper guys with words??

  7. Has he escaped or he has been kidnapped? Tell Ugandans the whereabouts of KB since he has always been closely monitored by afande Omara

  8. There must be a foul play.
    They must have kidnapped him and now feign ignorance of his whereabouts with all the 24/7 security details around him.

  9. What does that show to the coutry’s security department????????????? pliz style uppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Why do the government of museven employ the security men to monitor aleader.kb is aleader of the opposition he need security to escort him to where he want. says:

    Kb is like any leader let the government give him security like any politician.

  11. Why do the government of museven employ the security men to monitor aleader.kb is aleader of the opposition he need security to escort him to where he want. says:

    Why do museven think that he is going to be live president. africa needs leaders not dictators.

  12. They could have bumped him off,pse r.p,try all his known no’s,to find where he is.

  13. just lough… kb show them that u still h’ve tactics they think that yo old… gooood 4 teaching them allesson

  14. i fail to understand some things in our country, is this comedy, when he is in kampala, he causes alot of drama in town and when he leaves its published he has escaped but according to the universal declaration every one has the rights to travel to any country freely so long as you meet the requirements i dont think this is the right statement to be published. and on the other side why shouldnt besigye be cool does he want to surbotage the fdc elections next month, where there is free exercise of democracy we cant have such things happen the government should allow him go even to heven and back so long they control him causing violence

    1. And when has he caused violence? miopic comment! so you mean what police does should be blamed on besigye? It’s like your wife asks you why you dont buy salt and you beat her up then blame her for making you beat her! This is USE graduate mentality bwana peter.

      1. Banange Naboma oil muyombi kale. Its upto you. But am entitled to my opinion.
        We have that habit of making everyone NRM so long as one tells you the truth.
        So its upto you, the future will tell how much time we wasted on none issues and lost the opportunity to lead this country.

  15. Guys, Besigye is a Ugandan who meets all the travel requirements.If they say he causes riots and insecurity in the country, why don’t they relax since he is away, i would expect them to jubilate his staying out of the country.
    Let us end the comedy, it is crystal clear that it is the police/gov’t causing the riots every where but instead coverup .
    But!! there is time for everything.

  16. KB is free to move. In case he is not out of the country, police should tell us where he is or else they have done something to him. Even if he is out of the country, he has no case to answer because there is no travel ban on him. If he has left the country, the police can have a break. i suspect he has gone to see his wife and son.

  17. Little minds, narrow view and idle talk. Dr. Besigye is a Ugandan and should have his rights as a Ugandan. Selfish and idle talk is uncalled for. Does he need clearance from Kayihura to fly out? NRM wastes tax payer’s money on so called Monitoring Besigye. Our security operatives are idle. Deploy them to cultivate some maize for the Hungry, or even do general cleanliness. Trailing Besigye is wastage of time and an economic burden.

  18. A rain of fire is coming, feel for your children and for the generation to come its really saddening that people have supported one mans hate for another because of a woman open your eyes Besigye’s actions have nothing to do with uganda they are for his own gain on so many occassions rebels have been caught and and on so many occassions it is later found out that he funds their activities,we don’t need another war on our hands,he has the right to travel and he should exercise his right but his rights should not interfere with our peace,those things of travelling so that he can check on rebels who are going to destroy the little development and peace we have is unwarranted. I was in libya when Gadaffi was over thrown i watched rebels indiscriminately kill through families,bodies of children were piled up and burnt to hide evidence if this is what you want for your country then by all means continue supporting his violent rallies that have kept to many people out of work leading to school drop outs,more gang violence and the creeping lawlessness we see today. The gov’t has played its role in messing up the country but i assure besigye is no different from museveni so lets put our support behind men like muntu and mafabi,a new generation

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