MP Tinkasiimire’s House Torched, wife Injured

Police in Mukono are hunting for unknown assailants who last night broke into the home of Buyaga County MP Barnabas Tinkasimire and set it ablaze, critically injuring his wife Agnes Ageno and her niece.

Ageno, a resident in Kitete C, Ham Mukasa Zone in Mukono Central Division was together with her niece, a Senior 4 student.

It is alleged that the assailant’s aim was to kill them after bringing a 20 litre jerrican of petrol that was poured on the door.
Eye witnesses say that this fire broke out at around 3:00am with a blast and when they approached the scene, they only found the house on fire.

The victims were rushed to Nsambya Hospital and later transferred to Mulago Referral Hospital.

Tinkasimire, who had gone to Mulago to check on his wife was in great shock as he could only scream, prompting the hospital management to admit him.

 It is not clear if the arson attack is connected to his support for KCCA to demolish illegal structures in the city but only one week ago he told journalists that he had received phone calls with some people saying they know where his properties are located!

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10 thoughts on “MP Tinkasiimire’s House Torched, wife Injured

  1. At this rate, freedom of speech and expression for our representatives is going to be suppressed by the very people they represent.

    1. A terrible tragedy to even imagine that good deeds (by MP Tinkasiimire) are paid back by inflicting pain to innocent people (MP Tinkasiimire’s wife and niece). God help us. We pray that the good people do not turn to hurting others as a way of protecting their loved ones and themselves which could turn out to be areality.

  2. that is the work of Satan’s agents but don’t be scared the Almighty God will protect you

  3. Sorry for what happened to Hon. Tinka but he shld also go slow on some issues, he talks alot though i know the demolition exercise is not emanating from him but bse of his talkative and constant warnings pple look at him as the central decision maker of the whole process.

  4. There is a lot to be picked from this but the way i am seeing it might be left to go like that

  5. sorry Hon for your family, and although it will have a permanent marks on them let those involved be brought to book. this is done to make you go slow as one hs commented please i urge you to push on harder. you will be remembered in the history books atleast if you succeed. push on harder for the sake of your family

  6. Sorry for what happened Hon. Tinkasimire but our people up to now have failed to tell the difference between good and bad. Hon. has always called a spade, a spade and not a big spoon ekikulu tebagalana nkulakulana and cleanliness. God will protect his servants, Hon go on with the Crusade of keeping Kampala and the whole country clean me l support you

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