Mbabazi Camp Plots Against M7 In Kyankwanzi

Amama Mbabazi

NEXT MONTH’S National Resistance Movement (NRM) retreat in Kyankwanzi promises to be one of a kind, if we are to go by a plot by Premier Amama Mbabazi’s camp.

Snoops have learnt that Mbabazi’s camp is planning to make Museveni’s stay at the retreat uncomfortable. After getting strong resistance in Parliament over the health budget, the President has called NRM members to discuss the ingredients that are needed in a budget.

The Mbabazi camp wants to savour the opportunity and cause chaos for the President, in what they term as pay back for always humiliating their man. “During NEC we showed the President that In Amama Mbabazi we trust, but he is still humiliating him. We can never forgive the Chairman (Museveni) for turning around and stabbing our secretary General during the run to the speakership of East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). As if the SG can’t organise anything,” a soft spoken MP from Kigezi who is famous for dating a Namuwongo based scribe was heard saying.

Snoops have been informed that as opposed to what has been happening in the past where the President’s opinion is biding on the party, the Mbabazi camp is plotting to reinvent the party political wheel.

7 thoughts on “Mbabazi Camp Plots Against M7 In Kyankwanzi

  1. It’s good news that these guys have now started fighting amongst themselves. So the opposition can now take this advantage.

  2. That is the usual trick of fooling people to believe that there is a crack, but it is a way of covering up or planning to loot the treasury. We now know.

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  4. now the prime minister’s group is fighting the big man. let us hope its not intrigue again.

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