Kivumbi Calls For A United Africa President

EX Kampala MP Contestant Kivumbi Ernest Benjamin is gradually taking his political muscle to the next level.

The latest info on our desk reveals that Kivumbi has embarked on a massive strategy calling for a United African President. Speaking to our online reporter Kivumbi said that apparently he is in Tanzania to meet President Jakaya Kikwete and the first lady to discuss several issues affecting the ‘the African Political Spectrum’ including a call for a united African President.

He said, “Tanzanian Government officials are arranging an extraordinarily meeting with President Jakaya Kikwete and 1st Lady in which I Will Unveil a Dossier of my plan to United Africa which I shared with Comrades in Mwanza, Bukoba, Dododo in the last 7 Days”.

“I will hold business and political meetings with Raila Odinga in Nairobi-Kenya and also campaign for female Presidential candidate before I go back to Kampala”, he added. Kivumbi also held a public lecture with students at University of Dar-e-salaam about his dream of ‘UNITED STATES OF AFRICA’ Presidency and the Impact of IMF/ World Bank on Africa continent.

Kivumbi concluded that he will after the Eastern trip go to Kigali, Kinshasha and Abuja to arrange meetings with Heads of State in preparation for the Africa Caravan Peace Tour 2012/13 with Archbishop Leonardo Saavadre from Toronto Canada He said that he will boomerang in 2016 as Kampala legislator, 2021 contest for National President before running for African President as his campaign will have yielded fruits.

(Reporting By Nicholas Mwesigwa)

3 thoughts on “Kivumbi Calls For A United Africa President

  1. RED PEPPER; Here we’re, Joined by the Namanve Based Media Giants in the Dream to Pursue for USA; Thanks. Today I have been Interviewed by the Guardian News Paper in DAR-E-SALAAM, wait for the publication this week. I have been in the State House in Dar, State House Aides have pledged support to me. Tomorrow am on Capital Radio and an Interview with the Daily News then go swimming in the Indian Ocean. Greetings from my Hotel Room in Dar.

  2. How old is Kivumbi? And which planet does he live on?
    Which Presidents in Africa have time to waste listening to what will never happen?

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