Hon. Kadaga Set For Heroine’s reception Monday Night

Speaker Hon. Rebecca Kadaga

Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga will tomorrow night be accorded a heroine’s welcome on her arrival from Canada where she has been attending the Inter-Parliamentary Union Summit.

Hon. Kadaga is expected to arrive in the country on monday 11pm at Entebbe International  airport.

According to Bishop David Kiganda,a Pentecostal leader and chief organizer of the reception, Hon. Kadaga will be given this honor due to her courage to stand up against the Canadian Prime Minister who during the summit chided Uganda’s human rights record. He added that he expects Ugandans to turn up in big numbers to welcome the speaker.

During the IPU summit, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird criticized Uganda for it’s maltreatment of gays and lesbians to which Hon Kadaga who did not take the accusation lightly responded by labelling the minister “arogant” and “ignorant” and demanding he apologize.

“If homosexuality is a value for the Canadian people, that’s not a problem for us, that’s its issue, but one shouldn’t force Ugandans to accept homosexuality because we’re not Canadian citizens,” Kadaga said drawing applause from the audience.

Hon Kadaga’s actions have been received with great admiration from the Ugandan society that holds conservative views on issues concerning morality with many praising her for defending Uganda’s sovereignty.

In Uganda homosexuality is a crime therefore the speaker’s actions are viewed as bold earning her a heroine’s status.

Pastor Martin Ssempa, a renown anti-gay activist who has confirmed his presence tomorrow also lauded the speaker’s actions calling her a heroine. “Kudos to our Speaker, she is a Heroine, i will be there as early as 6pm” He said

The speaker’s anti gay spat is the latest fight she has put up against the vice. In march Hon. Kadaga told the nation of how she had blocked foreign gay activists from making homosexuality a matter of debate at the IPU conference that Kampala hosted early this year.

Uganda On Homosexuality
Despite the fact that Homosexuality in Uganda is illegal, in 2009 Ndorwa West MP David Bahati tabled a bill in parliament that would widen the  criminalization of same-sex unions.

The bill among others proposed the inclusion of ‘aggravated homosexuality’ in which an offender would receive life imprisonment on conviction.

However, this bill drew protests from the international community with many western countries threatening to slash aid to Uganda forcing the government to ‘shelve’ it although the bill was re-introduced early this year.

20 thoughts on “Hon. Kadaga Set For Heroine’s reception Monday Night

  1. Uganda is now an independent state. She is no longer under the arm-pits of colonialists. God has brought this country from far. Where were you when Uganda was being liberated by NRA?

    Thanks be to God. Hon. speaker, pls when you are back, kindly speed up Hon. David Bahati’s bill and pass it immediately.

  2. Honourable Kadaga deserves the heroine reception – !!!!
    Hon Kadaga has proved herself a bold leader who can holds he values of her country at heart and can stand her ground to resist the evil infeferences and medelling by the western powers….Please let go in huge numbers she deserves it….!!

  3. All it takes for Evil to flourish is when Good people do nothing. Rebecca God bless you, do not stop there, just do Ugandans proud the more by pushing& passing that anti-gay legislation as our Christmas gift. For God&Our Country Uganda.

  4. You are the best Hon. Kadaga. You really inspire me plus many other young girls. These are the people we need.

    1. the threat to cut aid is the best thing that can happen to a nation. see how zimbabwe is emerging as a strong , independent nation!! see how asian countries are emerging as global power houses!!! ‘AID’ promotes corruption, loss of self-esteem, and encourages indispline. it also retards development. the sooner Africans and Ugandans realize this the better.we should reject aid . it is people like hon kadaga that need to lead us into the final liberation.

      1. I have nothin to say other than echo the same thoughts and praises my fellow Ugandans have already expressed. God Bless you madam Speaker.

  5. the writing is clear on the wall that she has what it takes to be in the highest office of the country very principled wama well be back

  6. Canada can tell the USA about don’t and don’t ask keep the gays unknow how the things change. why force gays rights on uganda when America does not respect gays in the army.

  7. Well done our speaker. I hope that if we turn up in big numbers we are not interfered with by Kayihura’s team, and advised to postpone our peaceful assembly until National Water has finished its activities or worse still unleash some kibokos and tear gas!!

  8. My simple question is if the west is so immoral and has values adverse to ours…why do we Africans keep flocking there…. Even Kadaga was lamenting how the canadians denied some MPS visas…they should have been happy not stepping foot in such immoral countries!!!!
    Homosexuality is a human rights issue..period.No one is forcing anyone to like gays..even in the west many people still have negative attitudes towards gays the only difference with us is that there is no legislation criminalising a person just because he is different from you. You can hate him/her but the state has no right to imprison someone because he is gay. If the gay person commits crime say rapes/defiles then that becomes criminal but consensual adult sex is a private matter and i dont see why it would offend anyone unless we are a country of voyeurs!!!

    1. Sammy, please re-read the text. Kadaga talked about values, not immorality. It is not in Africa and i believe many other cultures to promote homosexuality(even if it exists), therefore if the west feels otherwise, let them allow other cultures to exist. Thought this was what democracy was all about!

  9. The great woman!hon Kadaga you have made our journey successful,basogas are so proud of you,long live dear!

  10. God Bless Kadaga

    These are the leaders we are looking for,Almighty God give Rebeca the wisdom and power she deserves as a leader and may your Will be done upon her

    Thanks for being Honorable at this time when the world is sinking the Gomorrah and Sodom way.

  11. bravo Hon Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga

    your countrymen are soundly proud of your person as you always exhibit putting the pearl where it deserves, God Bless you

  12. i pray they cut their so called Aid so that Ugandans can start working hard knowing that there is no free money any more. So lets all come up and fight this immoral vices

  13. Kudos, Madam speaker for showing our true colours. never be intimidated in future we are fully behind you.

    God bless.


  14. Some people should be scared….This is real presidential material! God bless you our dear Rebecca

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