Gen Tinyefuza In Shocking Rant

The coordinator of Security services and army Member of Parliament General David Sejusa aka Tinyefuza aka Gen Tinye today sent ripples down the spine of government when he published a missive that can best be described as SHOCKING.

Tinye whose reputation is that of a fiery army man sent the missive to the media over the weekend but it was only published today. The missive is addressed to ‘Fellow Ugandans’ but its unclear what prompted it.

Tinye doesn’t name any government officials

In the missive the soldier man rips into ‘some actors who manage the affairs of the state’ for brutalizing ordinary Ugandans and others for using ‘coercive organs of the state to enrich themselves’

It comes at the end of a week where KCCA came under fire for the violent way they the City Authority tried to reclaim Centenary Park during which KCCA enforcement officers roughed up the park proprietor Sarah Kizito. Last year General Tinyefuza was evicted from a house in Kololo by KCCA. Here is the statement in full.


Full statement

Fellow Ugandans

The country is witnessing a lot of violence, disruption of social life and general apprehension of the people of Uganda. The population is beginning to feel unsure about the future and generally insecure. This is a complete reversal of the feeling and belief, which our people had when they defeated dictatorship.

Therefore, this is a call to all those involved in the management of public affairs to reflect and pull back a little to make sure they fully understand where the country is going, current forces at play and the challenges that face us. Let us not destroy all that has been achieved over years.This is therefore, a statement against the creeping lawlessness, impunity, primitive arrogance and insensitive behaviour, which are increasingly being exhibited by some actors who manage the affairs of the state. The violence against the population by those permitted by the law to protect the people must stop.

Politicians using the coercive organs of the state to enrich themselves must stop. Those unguided and also misguided actions are resulting in so much anarchy and indiscipline in the country, murders, mob justice, land grabbing by the rich, sickening robberies of government money and assets sugar-coated as “corruption” and other social ills. Politicians can fight their political wars but should leave the people of Uganda in peace.

The poor people who are being beaten and flogged, women undressed in front of their children and cameras, are the ones whose poor parents fought the war of liberation. They are the people who housed us, gave us food, provided us with intelligence and offered their all to create a better future. Nobody has a right to abuse them. Our women must not be stripped and beaten and whoever does it will become the new enemy.

The poor people of Uganda should be treated humanely and should not be flogged on the streets. While the rich are cleaning streets so that their big cars don’t step on the rubbish, our poor masses are sleeping on empty stomachs, sleeping in open spaces without houses, sleeping in and actually eating the rubbish being swept off the streets. Yes, development is good but development must be planned, it must not be anti-people and fascist methods must never be used against our people and in any case, that situation is not sustainable and it never has been.

These actions can lead to very serious insecurity and destabilization of the whole country. Therefore, those involved should watch out. They must remember that Uganda has passed through a lot, achieved a lot and can still take care of its own should need arise. Let us all work together to reverse this trend. Uganda belongs to all of us and let us own it and be happy in it. Restraint please.

Gen. David Sejusa (aka Tinyefuza) MP, Coordinator Security Services

42 thoughts on “Gen Tinyefuza In Shocking Rant

  1. Bwana Tinyefuza, you have really put me in shock, i didn’t know this can come from your mouth. Thank god for the vision and wisdom he’s given you through the Holy Spirit. Let this be with you forever and ever Amen. I am glad you have put it in the right way without leaving any stone unturned dear, you couldn’t have put it any better. Right now i am crying after you mentioned the Sarah kizito issue where i saw by my own eyes being undressed infront of her own son and the whole world, i kept wondering how i would feel if it were me up to date. May our God Lord continue showing us the truth and many more people realise where we are heading morally. “The truth will set us free.”

    1. I was almost 20 years when the former NRA was fighting Obote II regime and I experienced this war directly, but our common goal was to eradicate impunity and generally bad governance of the then leaders upon the people of Uganda. But to the dismay, all those almost naked armmed men were fighting together with MwanaInchi for that common goal of restoring the country’s peace and development!
      What has now happened to our country especially when we are nearing 50 years of Independence and 27 years of the Movement regime? What is in the General’s letter were not being expected by some of us.
      Thank you General and this has cleansed you from certain eventualities as a responsible son of the land. If any case, insteady of being apprehending or distancing you to the peripheral of the Organisation, rather you deserve a medal come 9th,Oct ,2012.

  2. General, thank you for your shocking massage to all ugandans. However am supprised to see that your shootings are directing to one particular issue of city development, and reminding people that development of the city is not all they want. Why this massage from you at this point? You dont have balanced minds over KCCA and Exective Director because of the past between you and KCCA. The whole country knows what happened. At some point you are right, we should not strip our mothers, no beating of our people, no harrassment of any kind to our people. But let our mothers respect themselves as well. All ugandans should be good citizens and respect the law and live in hermony. Every one should be responsible in one way or another. Personal safety is an individual responsibility. The best way to be safe is to avoid trouble in the first place rather than to extract yourself later. This means, one should develop a strong sense of security awareness and adjust your actions and behavours to take into acount the environment in which you find yourself. If you fight, then you be fought back, if you pull a police officer by the neck, be sure you will be pulled by the nect too. I mean we should all be responsible and try to think beyond and out side the box. 5o years, yes 50 years. what does it mean? should we continue lamenting over the past, and scaring others? Should the country remain dirt because people supported the struggle? should those appointed and approved by parliament fail to perform because people are poor? Should those who are in comfort zone step on others who are below the povert line? Should those who think that scoring a political point you must disagree with govt programes whoever good they are and cause public disturbance continue doing so and nothing said about them? Its time for Ugandans to rethink and review ourselves, what we have achieved in 50 years, and we start a new trip of another 50 years of development in all aspects. For GOD and my Country.

    1. This is the best reader comment i have read in a long time. Let the Tinyefuzas know that the lady means business bse she is trying to put the city right.

    2. Junju read the majors massage properly. Its not pointing on one person as you may think but its to all who use the state organs to terrorise others. eg: URA,COMMUNICATION COMMISSION,MINISTRIES,PARASTATALS to mention but a few.

  3. OH my God, Hon Gen David, this is a messiah in you. God bless u for that civic guidance. Please continue sending us more publications we miss a lot from your silence.

  4. This is a good publication, but how about people putting up their buildings in the wetlands and when it rains still the poor man suffers? which one is better helping the flood victims or cleaning the channels to prevent the floods?

    No one was there or knew how Sarah got the contract so why didnt she go back the way she got the contract and negotiate to settle the issues without bringing Kanyamas and holigans to counter attack KCCA?

    Why praise Kigali when we cant allow to make our kla clean? everyone was crying about the taxi park and when time for renovations came, the same people again are complaining what do you expect Musisi to do then?
    I expected Amelia to go to a press conference or even KCCA offices and consult before going to public and call someone a terrorist.

    Fellow Ugandans lets not be blind folded the same guys who sleep and live comfortably in Kololo and Kasagati are the same people coming out in public and insight the poor one to resist changes which would have even be good in future atleast for our children pretending that they are poor.
    whats wrong has Musisi done by chasing people from KKCA houses?

  5. God blessed u so much, if not in this life then in the next, now i believe there some of you who really ‘fought’ like they say, but fought for the right reasons, sustainable ones.some of us were not yet born but do we have to do the same things that our fathers already gave their lives for.Thank God you are still a general in all sense, if need arises u will still be the general 27 year ago, commanding us against the enemy.

  6. Probably the General is back to human senses but remember innocent civilians in Bulusa you flogged and beaten and cut,were they not ugandans,why change mind now ?

  7. What kcca is doing has been done in all those beautiful cities that we are always admiring. Musisi chasing the Gen. Out of the house should not turn him into an enemy. That’s the way to go musisi. Clear the mess out of kla

  8. It is already too late for the Gen to advise. When the engine of the car is faulty, then there is no need to repair the tyre. In fact, what the Gen should do is to resign. Otherwise, he will collapse with the whole system. And even if he resigned now, it is too late for him!! if you know we mean by the gravitational force, when you throw a stone upwards, there is a point where it will reach and then can’t continue but instead slope down. NRM has reached this point. In Osmosis, there is what we call the point of tagidit and in economics, we have a point of satiety. this is a point where NRM is!!

  9. Can i believe this,General,the worst part is that many of you who worked in this government hide the truth for tooo long that the poor will never enjoy them selves in their motherland yet u are able to help them and God rewards you.Many of you are filthy rich at the expense of majority true ugandan cityzens.

  10. The general seems to be speaking a lot of sense but I doubt whether he might not be made to see light again and claim that he has been bewitched . I will be pleasantly suprised if he does not swallow his own vomitus like a dog as was the case previously

  11. Dear Hon.Sejusa,
    I have no words to say at your article,it is touching,if you know that our pple are suffering bse of our own pple,am happy, and may the Good Lord,convert you more and more.

  12. Gen. and cohort how would you want the city to look like? Hen sleeping in free house; city division mayor taking public space for free? teachers earning 200,000ugshs and yet has to pay rent? please, please, please, leave Lady Musisi do what she is mandated to do, then we can also like our city

  13. Junju s comment is the best I have read in a long time.Let the Tinyefuzas know that kcca means business and that in order to do the right thing you cant please everybody otherwise you will do nothing like the politicians.

  14. General Tinyefuza!
    How I wished that your sentiments was addressed on all matters affecting the Country!We are witnessing the results of what you have all along supported-building Institutions in the country that does not support and promote democracy which in itself calls for the respect and protection of individual rights and properties!!You are witnessing and harvesting the fruits of building a political frame work to safe guard the interests of an individual or few individuals!!I am glad you are now waking up to the reality some of those who fought with you in the Bush to bring fundamental change saw long time ago and we still see them being harassed by the very institution meant to protect and safeguard their rights to free assembly and expressions!
    Yes Bwana GeneralTinyefuza,we are treading on a time bomb and its a matter of time!Ugandans need to wake up and stop the brewing tension before we all to down the cliff!!

  15. take heart ugandans, “all bad things will come to an end and good things will follow my son ” says kalulu the hare. be patient and the ground will be levelled by the same players.

  16. That’s the best statement i have heard so far from any high ranking government official
    Lets learn from those mistakes. We are headed to a doomed 50yrs celebrations coz a lot of tit for tat has spread in one way the other

  17. Ssejusa,i appreciate your courage u are one other person who has tested KCCA but to me i think its a wordy missive with no issues to implement, yuo being part of the system you just write to make us feel happy but at the day end you sit on the same table with the KCCA’S to draft ‘squeezing’ laws.

  18. Tinyefuza’s statement is amazing!!!! Has he forgotten what he did in Bulisa when he expelled/evicted the so called balalo for his personal interest of Oil agenda? He thinks we have forgotten?

  19. Dear General
    If this message is coded, then send to the right people, coz as wanaichi we see u reading the same chapter as the Besigyes, Semujjus,fungaroo,nsereko,nambooze.
    But when these people raise their voices you will be the first person to crack the whip,
    If you are relating to the KCCA eviction in Centenary park.
    Musisi is just a messenger,
    Clean your stable first before lamenting on others

  20. oh my! pliz general, go on & respond to thy people’s comments. may u kp the focus until, acting accordingly, pray for forgiveness for& from thoz ugandans. amen.

  21. Good stand from the general though it borders on contaversy. why doesnt he advise his boss M7 instead of bashing his govt in the media? Why cant he join the opposition like Muntu and Besigye? Doesnt he risk being court-martialled? I hope he wont be forced to swallow his words once again

  22. yes sir, all parties need to tone down. i grew up knowing a Uganda built on love and affection, i therefore pray that all Ugandans embrace your words with open arms.

  23. It is a good gesture from Gen.Tinye however, should not be focust on only kampala issues
    I would expect our galant general to echo on issues like the BCU saga where Govmn’t forcefully took over management from the board and punished the entire bugisu farmers by reducing the coffee price by over 400%
    The mabira forest give away to investers.
    The death of cooperative unions to mention a few.

  24. Is Genereal Ssejjusa, not using the wrong forum, will he not ‘kwejjusa’ writing this missive?

  25. General Sejusa you are very right.But you should ve consulted other organs of security for scrutiny ,Bse its not good to act as if you are out of army.Please revise your notes.

  26. Uncle tinye thank you so much for this letter ,you are one patriot that has been missing in Uganda n should you stand for big office we are ready to follow you here in the diaspora ,thank you for voicing a word for the citizen of Uganda ,wow I need your autograph .long live uncle Tinye aka sejusa

  27. i wish what he wrote was put in action to reverse the impunity and arrogance he is talking about it would work best insteady of writing only. all the best Uganda.

  28. Alright!It is acceptable for the Gen.David Sejusa to write his mind.If Gen. David Sejusa made mistakes in the past he still has a right to apologise and get forgiven. My advise to Gen. David Sejusa is that; the sabalwanyi together with your fellow Generals and remind yourselves that Uganda will be there after you guys are gone. 2. The UPDF is a national army and not a Museveni millitia group cos it comprises of all our children even though the High command is highly Himatic;you are all Ugandans and the worst mistake you have made is to believe that no other Ugandan has a right to lead Uganda. 3. Let the army be non- partisan; if you can come to your senses let all Army Mps resign and serve the sovereignity of Uganda. 4. Restore the presidential term limits unconditionally since you all know they were corruptibly removed to serve the person of Museveni and his relatives. 5.Let all those who have stolen from Ugandans refund the loot by confiscating their wealth. 6. Nationalise 50% of the Economy 7. Make corruption as risky as treason, I mean any suspected corrupt person should be handled like a rebel who has not denounced rebellion against Ugandans for selfish ends. 8. Observe the constitution and let the law do its part. 9. Turn to Jesus so that the Good fruits of the Holy spirit can reign. 10. Let Museveni retire in 2016 to save the nation from Museveneism.FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY. I lOVE UGANDA

  29. when we come on streets to demonstrate,we are beaten. its high time they should also realize what is going trough the country is dubious.thank GOD the general who is responsible for the country’s security has got concern.

  30. It is a blessing from God that such publication from such important beings to come out of their hearts but still uganda needs to be planed for so mechanism to be used. i repeat mechanism. Tenye needs to be promoted and i hope his advise should handled in good faith not to be against him.thanks for that jubilee statement.

  31. the only issue being stressed here is the Centinery park eviction and KCCA’s development strategy which affected the personal interests of the generals whose properties & investments are being knocked down. When Kalangala Action Plan was actively intimidating Ugandans, the generals were quiet. Now they write what they know very well that the poor Ugandans would love to read, but behind it is their own interest. It makes no sense for Salim to raise a voice against a partner government organ moreso to civilians, if not intended to incite the public against KCCA activities of developing the city for our own benefit.

  32. Wow!
    I like that, this is exactly what we call freedom of speech.

    For God and My country.

    Am also thinkin of writing some nasty stuff, but i still dont know what to write

  33. what many pple have failed to address the evictees from railway land has a long chequered history righ from the liberation war when many pple were dislocated due insurgency .many pple migrated to town for safe heaven coupled with evictees from naguru and Nakawa respectively all found themselves homeless and they could not go back to village of whom their had long been grabbed.In addition the retrenchees also who were inappropriately compensated also found themselves solaced by the cheap land along the defunct URC land.

    So for Jennifer to flagrantly abuse her authority without meeting the affected pple, to interrogate about their being onto the subject was a worst contravention of principal fundamental rule of natural justice .its frowning that she enhanced the measurable land from known 15ft apart to 30ft something an inequitable .

    Jeniffer she’s a lawyer ,Court opined in the case of Tax operators Vs KCCA that anything without the approval KCCA meeting it was not only unlawful but illegal levy un approved by the council.

    in the same vein,it was elucidated in the Constitution petition case of Hon .Kutesa Vs A.G whether the IGG under BAkku had the authority to prosecute him,it was held ‘ any authority not fully Constitutionally constituted has no mandate to carryout its mandate unless fully constituted.for this case the counsel doesnt convene and there’s Lord mayor.Even at the time there was no substantive Dpp all cases stalled due to requirement consent to prosecute the.if Jeniffer was to be there,she wld have proceeded in the abuse of the law.

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