Can Yeast Infections Ruin My Sex Life?

something as simple as a yeast infection could damage your relationship

Carol has visited her gynecologist four times since this year began. After pestering her to confide in me on what exactly she was suffering from, I was shocked to learn that her several visits to the doctor were because of recurrent yeast infections. She had this frustrating itchiness and pain in her vuvu, which at times would give a foul odour.  Our biology lessons taught us that naturally, there is a small amount of yeast present in the vagina.  However overabundance of yeast could result into an infection. Yeast infections are not classified as STDS but it is possible for transmission to occur through intercourse. They normally affect women but they are even more deadly in men since they rarely show any signs or symptoms. Because most men unknowingly have yeast infections, they normally go untreated as the men continue to pass them on from one person to another.

Talking to Dr. Musinguzi of Ntinda Family Clinic, he said that yeast infections are among the most common cases he has handled. He went on to explain that what makes these cases frequent is the fact that yeast infections are caused by things which we do on a daily basis but pay little attention to.

What most people do not realise is the fact that using antibiotics could be increasing their chances of contracting a yeast infection. Antibiotics destroy the protective bacteria in the vagina which allows yeast to grow.

The clothes we wear could also be putting us in danger of getting yeast infections. Ladies normally wear tight fitting trousers which leaves very little if no room for air circulation within the vagina. This increases the heat down there and well, we all know that yeast dwells in warm surroundings.

The most active ingredient in condoms or any other spermicides is nonoxynol-9, which is not the gentlest substance.  The spermicide may distabilise the immunity of the vagina giving the yeast an advantage to grow.

Yeast survives on sugar therefore too much carbohydrate intake may cause an infection. If there is a lot of glucose in your body system, there are high chances of contracting yeast infections.

A yeast infection causes itching or soreness in the vagina and sometimes causes pain or burning when you urinate.
Painful sex
When someone contracts a yeast infection, he/she may experience pain during sex and they may also be experience persistent soreness.
Some women develop a white creamy discharge and often it has a foul smell compared to the normal discharge which has no smell at all.

Dr. Musinguzi says that the good news about yeast infections is that they are easy to treat and often an antifungal cream or tablets will do the trick. If the infection is in its advanced stages, a suppository (a drug is inserted into the vagina until it dissolves) is normally inserted into the vagina. He however warns that pregnant women should understand that they are at greater risk of getting yeast infections and should seek medical assistance immediately and if the yeast infects keep recurring then anti-fungal injections have to be administered.

First of all yeast infections cause soreness which results into painful intercourse not to talk of the awful smell an infected vagina gives off. An infected person puts their partner at risk of also contracting the infection and Dr. Musinguzi advises that sexual activity should be put on hold as both partners undergo treatment.
Due to the itching caused by the yeast, one may scratch causing the tender skin in the vagina hence exposing the person to getting HIV/AIDS or other STDS more easily.

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  1. recurrent yeast infections could also possibly be a sign of immune compromise for example, diabetes mellitus, or HIV. Futher follow up and investigation should be explored.

  2. yes it can because every time you get involved into sex, the itching increases.My problem was because of too much antibiotic but advised to use probiotic which has helped after trying several medications

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